LeEco’s Super3 X55 4K Smart TV Review – To Buy Or Not To Buy?

LeEco Super 3 X55 Review

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9 Design

9 Display

7 Operating System

8 Sound

10 Value for Money

What makes a TV purchasable?

A television is a vital purchase for customers because it requires the collective decision of the entire family to purchase one. In India, televisions unite the entire family because most of the households still cannot afford more than one television set, this makes the decision of buying a television more painstakingly complex. But how does one really decide which television to buy ? The budget sure is one of the most important data points used to make the purchase decision, but what else? Everyone wants to buy the biggest screen that fits their budget, but is it true that bigger the display the better? What about refresh rates, response times, contrast ratio, native dimming, pixel density ? The reality is that the television makers try to stuff too much data on potential buyers to confuse them into buying the product. Why does that happen? Because the human brain has been trained all its life to interpret more as better. I am not saying that the relation is absolutely false, all i am trying to convey is there is a reality beyond the numbers and that reality is what should actually matter in making the vital purchase decision.

Why are we talking about televisions?

LeEco, in an event in New Delhi unveiled three televisions for the Indian market. These TVs mark the beginning of a diversification goal for LeEco in India. LeEco has sold more than a million phones already in this gadget hungry market and now wants to reintroduce smart televisions in India. The three models that LeEco revealed are the Super 3 X55, X65 and the Max 65, the price range of these televisions starts with Rs 59,790 minus the discounts that will be thrown at customers in the early sale that starts on 10th Aug. All the three sets belong to the coveted category of 4K television, which means they are capable of achieving a resolution of 3840 x 2160. Though to the uninitiated customer the starting price of the range may seem on the higher side, but trust me, it is not. These are the most price effective 4K television sets available in the market currently.

LeEco Super 3 X55 review

But if the price is in favour of the customer, is the product worthy of the customers money? I was lucky to get an early viewing experience of X55 in the comfort of my home, so let’s find out if there is a reality beyond numbers which makes this TV purchasable.


The X-55 boasts of a 4K resolution display capable of achieving a resolution of 3840 x 2160, that makes it create 4 times the pixels than a normal HD display. The X55 like many other televisions in the market makes use of RGB palette to reproduce images on the screen, now this may seem totally irrelevant to you but it makes a world of difference in how the colours are created on the display, though there are other combinations of colour that can be used but most of the makers play safe by choosing the RGB ( Red , Green , Blue ) . Now, all that is the ‘numbers’ that doesn’t make much sense to the customer , what makes sense is the vividness of the display, the darkness of the black, the originality of the colour. 

LeEco- X55 has a viewing angle of 178
A good display is one which reproduces the input source as closely as possible and the X55 does that extremely well. Scenic shots look as real as possible and so do shots of people, buildings and cars. The display has a response rate of 5 ms, which makes shots of fast moving objects look more crisp; this really improves the experience of watching a football match on the television. The X55 also has a viewing angle of 178°, which makes the viewing experience consistent from almost all corners of the room. The blacks are not as dark as it should be but the true black can not be achieved as well on a LED display as it can be on a OLED.


The X-55 is one of the most elegantly designed televisions you will find in the market. Why does it look so beautiful? That is because of the –

1) The ultra thin bezel – top/left/right 13.0mm, bottom 18.6mm.

2)Thickness: min 10.9mm, max 49mm.

3) The most creative stand : the Yoga stand, as they call it .

The frame of the TV is made out of high quality metal and is bordered by Aluminium. Another great aspect of the design is the abundance of input/outputs ports. For e.g. the X55 has multiple I/O with 3 ports for HDMI 2.0, 2 ports for USB(USB3.0+USB2.0), 1 for Optical Audio output, 1 for SD card, 1 for VGA and AV input. The remote of the TV is minimalistic in design and has Infrared, 2.4G wireless capabilities, Air-mouse, a gyroscope, a G-Sensor and a microphone for taking voice commands.


The X55 with its decorous design doesn’t not only act as a television set but also improves the aesthetic value of the room it inhabits.

Operating System

The UI on the X55 is based on the android 5.0 and though it looks well designed there are certain aspects that made me raise my eyebrows. There was no access to google play store, the Netflix app was unavailable and YouTube was not able to stream 4K. Now, why that is an issue because the only sources of 4K content are Youtube and Netflix and Youtube app for some reason did not have the option of running 4K videos and Netflix was not available in the app store, though it can be installed by sideloading the apk.

Apart from that the UI is pretty neatly designed; the layout is divided in three parts

1) Live TV

LeEco Super 3 X55 User Interface

2) App

LeEco Super 3 X55 User Interface

3) Input Source

LeEco Super 3 X55 User Interface

Live TV streams content for all the channels that are available on the DTH, App layout is where most of the custom apps are available and Input source is for HDMI, VGA sources.


The X-55 comes preloaded with 2.1 channels stereo with 6 speakers with a  sound output of 40 watts ( speaker + woofer ). The sound system also comes with with DOLBY and DTS certification. For a room of size 40 ft by 40 ft , the sound output is more than enough to get you off the chair.  Apart from the intensity of sound the clarity of vocals is something that will surprise you in the X55. For a majority of houses this set will not need to be accompanied with a speaker system.

Premium Subscription


The X55 comes preloaded with a 2 year premium subscription, which after two years will cost Rs 4500 a year. This subscription gives you access to 150+ live channels and 4000+ HD movies. The movies collection, which is provided by ‘EROS Now’ is updated frequently with latest titles. Customer who have a good internet connection and sumptuous bandwidth can really relish on this subscription, others might want to upgrade their internet connection because this subscription is drool worthy and economical too because if you totally rely on the subscription you can easily get rid of the DTH connection; no more hung connections during monsoons.

Movies available on LeEco X55 premium subscription

To Buy or Not to Buy ?

LeEco Super 3 X55 review
The X55 is definitely a great buy because of its brilliant display, aesthetic design and the premium subscription that comes with the purchase. The 55 inch smart TV will be a great addition to your house if you finally want to upgrade to a smart television.

LeEco 138.8cm (55) Ultra HD (4K) Smart LED TV (Super3 X55 Android TV, 3 x HDMI, 3 x USB) – 


1) The panel has good colour reproduction.
2) Online content ( Movies) is great if you have a decent broadband connection.
3) Design of the TV adds value to the room it inhabits.
4) Under Rs 60K, it is the best TV to buy.


1)Low Refresh Rate ( 60 Hz) .

2) Yupp TV channel quality and content is not satisfying.
3) LeTv store for apps is limited and Google Play Store is not available.

Watch the 3 minute short review of the LeEco Super3 X55 below.

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  • Ujjwal Desai says:

    Am interested in buying letv
    I live in Mumbai. From where can I buy ?

  • Ritesh says:

    Few questions :
    1. How big can it be of issue if we can’t access the play store?
    2. Any idea about service centers and their services?


    • Harsh Dev says:


      1) Not a major major issue because, android is pretty flexible in nature, which allows you to sideload the apps which are not there in the local store. For eg. Netflix apk can be downloaded into a pendrive, copied into the tvs storage and installed.

      2)I’ve had first hand experience with their customer service. a) They have 24 hours oncall (180030101838)customer service to resolve issues. b) They have promised to provide door- door pickup to fix issues.

  • Manan Shah says:

    Is this model better than Sony 49W752D model or Sony 48W562D? I am asking about the true colour & real life experience experience between Sony & le tv.

    • Harsh Dev says:

      Hi Manan,

      I personally feel, sony has an edge over other television companies because it reproduces images extremely well on the panel but that comes at a cost .

      Is that difference in true color noticeable? Yes – only if you keep both the TV’s side by side and play the same content .

      You will not even notice the difference if you don’t keep the sets exactly side by side.

      Also, LeEco doesnt only provide a big screen TV, it also provides content ( both live and static movies) . Sony still lags here. Also the sound output of LeEco is better than Sony.

      So it comes down to this .

      Display ( same size and resolution ) : Sony 1, LeEco 0
      Software/Experience : Sony 0,LeEco 1
      Sound: Sony 0, LeEco 1
      Brand : Sony 1, LeEco 0

      Design : Sony 0, LeEco 1

      Value for money : Sony 0, LeEco 1.

      Now, its your decision :) . Let me know if you need more information , I will be happy to help

  • Akshay says:

    I dont think we can stream netflix
    in UHD in this TV..
    Can we?

    • Harsh Dev says:

      My Playback settings are currently in UHD on netflix , but i will have to monitor my data usage to ascertain whether its 4k or 1k. I will get back to you

  • Shubham Malviya says:

    I am really looking to buy this television set by today itself, but both LeMall as well as Flipkart is not delivering to my address whose Pincode is 454331. LeMall is not able to deliver in MP any where and Flipkart delivery is not available!!

    So how can I buy this product? Any idea? Or any other way?
    Please help me out!

    • Harsh Dev says:

      Hi Shubham,

      I would suggest you look at all the addresses you can get it delivered to or else wait for a few days. Flipkart will expand its delivery locations once the open sal begins. This sale is restricted to few locations.

  • Pradipsinh Barad says:


    • Harsh Dev says:

      Hi Pradip,

      I will recommend you but the LeEco X55 because.

      1) The picture quality is almost as good as Sony.
      2) Its Rs 20,000 cheaper than the model you mentioned.
      3) This is a 4K TV, so its future proof. You can also download 4K content from the internet and play it on the TV
      4) The premium content that you get with the LeEco is unmatched by any other brand right now.

      • Pradipsinh Barad says:

        Hi Harsh,

        Thank you for your suggestion. After your opinion, I was booked x55. But somany people write that, this is old model led compare to china. And price is also high compare to other country, other then they sold. So confuse regarding decision. And last one i hope picture quality atleast as good as sony 1080p model.

        Thank You.

        • Harsh Dev says:

          Hi Pradip,

          I am glad, i could help.

          The price of any electronic gadget is based upon the taxes the country levies on the products. So we cannot directly compare the prices and overall every electronic gadget sold in countries like USA and China is cheaper there because of mass production and less taxes. For Eg : A Samsung 55 inch 1080p smart TV costs 500$ in US, thats Rs 35,000 in INR. So we cannot compare the price directly.

          Coming to it being older model : Well! the only difference between the X55 being sold in USA and China is that the X55 pro supports 3D and the one in India doesnt. Also, the premium subscription includes content in local languages such as Hindi,English, Telegu, Tamil etc whereas in other countries including USA the subsciption only includes chinese content.

          and dont worry, i have been using this TV for 10 days now. It is simply amazing in this price segment.

  • Rajiv says:

    Two questions:
    1. Can the X55 be wall mounted?
    2. Can skype be used on the X55?

    • Harsh Dev says:

      Hi Rajiv,

      Yes, it can be wall mounted very easily and the X55 supports integration with a WebCam so that Skype and other video calling apps can be used. I have skype installed on my X55.


  • Dilip Singh Bhati says:

    Hi ,

    Please suggest which one to buy from

    LeEco Super 3 X55
    LG 43UF690T UHD
    Sony KD-43X8500C UHD

    Size of 43 to 55 in ok with budget below 90K.


    • Harsh Dev says:

      Hi Dilip,
      My honest opinion- Sony Display is better than LeEco in reproducing natural colors.

      But when you compare both the models. X55 is 55 inch UHD and Sony 43X is 43 Inch UHD. There is a big noticable difference in size. So i think you should go with LeEco.

      If you can purchase a similar sized Sony 4k and also dont mind paying extra Rs 40K atleast , then you should go with Sony.

      • Dilip Singh Bhati says:

        What would be the best model to choose from those from above if i exclude size as a parameter, in terms of video quality and product quality.

        LeEco Super 3 X55
        LG 43UF690T UHD
        Sony KD-43X8500C UHD

        And what all camera models can be attached to the TV

        • Dilip Singh Bhati says:

          and which is the best to choose from LeECO, VU or TCL or Micromax

          • Harsh Dev says:

            LeEco is better than Vu and Micromax.

            If you want TV’s below 48 inch TCL has some good offerings. : You can check them out here: http://tinyurl.com/jmwtnmo

            With the existing products catalouge : In 55 inch UHD LeEco is currently has the best product, especially X55, which is available at Rs 54,760 after cashback.

            The TCL curved TV (48 Inch) is also good buy but i think its currently out of stock everywhere.

            Also, the similar sized Vu (55 inch) 4k Smart TV is priced at Rs 75000+

        • Harsh Dev says:

          Hi Dilip,

          If you want to compromise on the screen size and budget is not a concern- Sony is always the best option. This model costs around Rs 83,000

          If you want good quality 4K display with 55 inch screen : LeEco should be your choice- http://tinyurl.com/z4pwkgo . This costs Rs 54,760 .

          Your budget should be the deciding factor here because the difference is a good Rs 29000.

  • Lalit Garg says:


    I have been following leeco tv’s and has availed pre-offer as well on day 1 itself. Flipkart has kept its promise on HDFC cards and converting the EMI’s, I can easily afford 2649 Rs EMI for 2 years for good smart tv like this.

    I have few queries:

    I am having samsung galaxy A5, which has screen mirror option and quick connect feature. I also have got reliance jio sim running on my phone as an offer for 3 months unlimited data and voice and messages.

    1. Can I use as hotspot of my phone to connect wifi to my LeEco x55 TV.
    2. Can I do screen mirror over wifi display or quick connect and how. Because MHL compatibility is not available in my phone. Or should I use miracast or chromecast devices.
    3. Is there any list available for LeVidi content on movies, songs etc.
    4. How we can use free cloud storage of 5 TB as claimed by company.
    5. Will the operating system update itself and provide google play store in future.
    6. Does it support the chrome browser.
    7. How we can use smart gesture feature and use our fingers to control TV by gestures.

    Any replies on above comments is really appreciable.

    Lalit Garg

    • Harsh Dev says:

      Hello Mr Lalit,

      Here go my answers.

      1) You can definitely use the hotspot from your phone as a source of internet for the TV.
      2) There is a inbuilt feature in the OS of the Tv which allows wireless display sharing. You will find this under Network-Wireless Display.
      3)Eros now curates the content of levidi, so whatever is available on eros now is available in levidi.
      4)Where did you read about the 5 TB cloud storage for X55? , I am not aware of this .
      5)Its unlikely that we will see playstore in the future, but thats not a major concern because we can sideload any app on the TV.
      6)Yes, it can be sideloaded.
      7)I dont think there is a smart gesture feature in the X55. The remote is gyro enabled so it can be used as a air mouse to control the TV.

      Hope my answers help. Do let me know if you have further questions, I will be happy to help


  • Ajit Singh says:

    which is best led in 55″
    1. Le eco
    2. Sony
    3. Samsung
    Please advise me

    • Harsh Dev says:

      Hi Ajit,

      The best LED in 55 ” category is Sony , the starting price of Sony 4K 55 inch is more than Rs 1.5 lacs.

  • Yogesh says:

    can we extend the warranty LeEco 138.8cm (55) Ultra HD (4K) Smart LED TV
    if yes what is the procedure… already 2+2 warranty but i want to extend so please confirm… and where is the service center in delhi and ghazibad.. please lemme know… thanks

  • Dhaval says:

    Hi Harsh
    1 how is upscaling of TV for SD content?? do you tried any normal SD channels on dishtv or cable?? How it look in picture quality??
    2 does it support IR sensor??
    3 does it really have LG IPS display??
    4 I read that it doesn’t support HDR technology does HDR it matter??

  • Dhaval says:

    Hi Harsh
    1 how is a upscaling of SD content of dishtv or cable TV??
    2 does it support IR remote sensor??
    3 does it really have LG IPS display??
    4 it doesn’t support HDR tech. Does it matter??

    • Harsh Dev says:

      Hi Dhaval,

      1)All the content that is not of 4k resolution is upscaled on this TV and it looks good.
      2)Yes the remote has both wireless features and IR sensor. So it can act as a normal remote and also as a air mouse.
      3)Yes it has a LG IPS Display with 8.29 million pixels.
      4) No, it doesn’t. HDR is only coming in the ultra premium segment, i don’t think its possible to get HDR in this range.Some Tvs might say it has HDR effect but i don’t think its the actual HDR.

      • Mark says:

        Hi Harsh ,1)Any idea why Leeco uses LG panels for the 55inch and 65 max and for the other 65 inch an innolux panel.
        2) the refresh rate on the panel is shown as 60 hz . is thsi tv capabel of playing 4k at 60 fps ?


    Sir, I have the following queries :

    1. Super3 X55 Android LeTV or VU LTDN55XT780XWAU3D 55 Inches Ultra HD ICONIUM
    series – Which is best ?

    2. Does LeTv has UPSCALING to 4K feature and Achromatic Panel – like VU ?

    3. Overall brightness : LeTV has 350 nits and VU has 450 nit. Does this 100 nits short in
    Letv will have any impact over clarity, brightness, contrast and sharpness
    4.VU claims better clarity comparing to sony and samsung. Will this apply to LeTv also ?

    5. VU also claims for Blackest black and Whitest white

    Kindly clarify.


    (Kinldy send your reply to my EMAIL ID : mstraj68@gmail.com

  • Sudhir says:

    should we go le TV now or have to wait for customers reviews as I had problems wid der mobile wen they were just launched and got fixed later ?
    are there other good models will be coming this year from le side?

    • Harsh Dev says:

      Hi Sudhir,
      The sale is closed now and will open again on 26th August . I think by then you will get to read customer reviews also. I will also spend more time with the TV and keep sharing my views on Indian Nerve. Stay tuned with us.


  • Joshy says:

    I just came across L55P1US from TCL which is also a 4K 55” TV. I actually added to my cart when i stumbled up on LeEco and read your review. Now i am definitely, in two mind, the TCL TV is around 10K cheaper and the reviews are pretty promising. Look wise LeEco is stunning and had great reviews as well. Now i am not a TV expert so i look forward to some expert advise into which is the better choice considering all the factors.


    • Harsh Dev says:

      Hi Joshy,

      In the TCL Vs LeEco , it comes down to this-

      TCL has does not provide two years of online content and LeEco does. The sound output of LeEco X55 is slightly better ( 4 W) than the TCL L55 . The colors on TCL are slightly oversaturated and on the LeEco the colors are original.

      At 48 K TCL is a very attractive choice but LeEco with its online content and natural colors is better. I would say if your budget permits go for the LeEco. If not, TCL is also a good choice.

  • Anand says:

    Which webcam’s can be attached to the LeTV

    • Harsh Dev says:

      Hi Anand,

      Any plug and play web cam will work on this TV. Really, it is really easy to connect and use.


  • prashant patil says:

    Hi Harsh
    my hall size is 12 ft * 15 ft
    do u think that 138.8 cm is huge size for that
    or is is sufficient


  • Ganesh says:

    Hi Harsh,
    I am planning to buy a 55″ UHD TV. Can you suggest whether to go with VU 55 iconium or le eco 55 TV. Also want to know both the TV are having wifi mirroring And Bluetooth. Please suggest with your reply.

    • Harsh Dev says:

      Hi Ganesh,

      The display of X55 is better than Vu in reproducing natural colors , plus there is a huge price difference between both the models .

      Also, you will get 2 years of access to Live TV and thousands of HD movies on the LeEco X55 so i recommend you go with the X55. – http://tinyurl.com/z4pwkgo .

      And both models have WIFI screen sharing but no bluetooth.

  • Ganesh says:

    Thanks harsh.

  • Abhishek says:

    Hi harsh.. I’m really looking forward to buy the le eco super 3 x55 but just before that I though it’d be better to get an expert opinion… I just saw that the le eco’s contrast ratio is 1200:1 whereas some other tv’s have it as 4000:1… Now what is the difference in the result… And also can the le eco play the. mkv files on the USB… And one last thing… Does this tv bleeds Colour in the corners.. Please help me out.. Thanks

    • Harsh Dev says:

      Hi Abhishek,

      Those numbers are exactly what i was talking about in the first paragraph of this review. Dont fall for the trap of numbers, go for the reality behind it.

      The black Vs White contrast is perfectly fine on this TV but obviously not as good as an OLED TV.OLEDS have the best contrast ratios because of their inherent technology.

      The picture quality on X55 is pretty awesome.

      Also, Yes it can play MKV file formats from USB drives.

      No, in my last 20 days of use i have not yet seen bleeding corners.

      Hope that helps.


  • Ganesh says:

    Hi harsh,
    Wall mount support will be supplied along with the unit ? and at what height TV should mounted on the wall for better viewing. Also suggest whether wall mount is better or stand mount is better.


    • harsh dev says:

      Hi Ganesh,

      Both options are open for you, i personally prefer table mount for this TV because it has a really beautiful stand that adds value to the overall look of the TV and also your room.


  • Nandan Sharma says:

    HI Harsh,
    I have been planning to buy a 50-55 inch TV from past one month. I had earlier shortlisted VU 55 inch Full HD and VU 50 inch 4K and both are at similar price point of around 50k.
    Now that Le has launched Super3 55 inch TV, it has given me one more option. So is it worth spending 10 k extra for Leeco as compared to VU offerings?
    And I read a lot of refresh rates from past one month. Does 60 Hz refresh rate make the fast action or sports scenes less enjoyable? or does video shows any lag because of refresh rate?
    I have heard that 120 hz refresh rate is most preferred one to enjoy TV viewing at fullest.
    But most TVs who have 120 hz+ refresh rates are very costly. All budget offerings like VU, TCL, Leeco come with 60 HZ refresh rate.
    Kindly advise if you faced any video lag with your Leeco tv.

    • Raj says:

      Hey Harsh I guess you are over reading market gimmicks

      1:) in real world currently max 60hz 4k u will get
      2:) bit vu & leeco are 60hz panels comes with motion free feature software to reduce judder effects
      3:) I have vu tv & I saw leeco tv too .. Vu is good with view experience while leeco good with Android os
      4:) leeco most of panels got light bleeding & heatup at bottom of the screen issues while vu tv stays cool and low power consumption

      Finally both are good in its own way … If you want performance with slight screen bleeds go with leeco amazing tv apps otherwise go with vu 50 iconium non sleek panel !

  • mahesh says:

    55/65 inch 4k tv has HDCP 2.2 ? does your 4k tv support HDCP 2.2 ? if yes then plz explain
    hope you will answer me ASAP

  • mahesh babu says:

    hi HARSH,
    firstly congrats for the leeco product.
    only one thing to ask

    55/65 inch 4k tv has HDCP 2.2 ? does your 4k tv support HDCP 2.2 ? if yes then plz explain
    hope you will answer me ASAP

    • Harsh Dev says:

      Hi Mahesh,

      If your intention is to find out whether youtube is able to stream 4K, then the answer is , it is not. It can only stream 1080p.

      The only way to watch 4k content on X55 is via USB Drives which have licenced downloaded 4k content.

      • Neeraj says:

        Hi Harsh,
        Do you have any idea regarding th display lag/input lag in the leeco tvs. Kindly advice. Regards. Neeraj

  • Santosh Namdeo says:

    Hi harsh ” le eco supar 4*50pro luch dete?

  • Santosh Namdeo says:

    Hi harsh “le eco 4k led tv supar 4 *50pro luch dete in india.? How much batter 4k hdr? Led tv

  • Neeraj says:

    can anyone update regarding the input lad/display lad on leeco 55inch TV while connected to gaming consoles. That is the most important aspect for any gamer looking to buy this tv. I am interested in buying it rightaway but unable to find any specification regarding the input lag. Kindly advice. Regards

  • Santosh Namdeo says:

    Hi harsh supar 4 x50 available in China and dump to indian supar 3 x55 old model Android and gaming very poor remote sound very dishtarb

    • Neeraj says:

      are you saying the gaming is very poor on this model

      • Harsh Dev says:

        Hi Neeraj,
        I have been playing Games like GTA 5, Uncharted 4, Shadow of Mordor on my PS4 connected to this TV and i have not noticed any lag or any other kind of issue.

        If anything the games look spectacular on the 55 inch UHD display.


        • Neeraj says:

          hi harsh,
          Thanks for the prompt reply. I have not been able to find the exact input lag for this brand of tv’s. any idea where I can find the same elsewhere on the internet. Can you suggest something that might be of some info before I go ahead and purchase this TV. Thanks and best regards.


  • CA Anupam Kumar Garg says:

    Dear DEV,

    Kindly suggest which is the best set up box with LEECO X55 UHD, viewing price consideration:
    a. Tata SKY HD BOX (Rs. 1,500/- only)
    b. Tata Sky 4K BOX ( Rs. 6,400/- plus 175 per month HD charges)

    Also inform whether difference in picture quality between above two since 4K contents are not much available till date.

    • Harsh Dev says:

      Hi Anupam,

      If you dont mind spending extra for for 4K, I would suggest you take the 4K box. The difference between 4k and 1080p is quite significant , especially in sports channels.


  • mahesh babu says:


  • Santosh Namdeo says:

    Hi harsh. Please answer my question

    • harsh dev says:

      Dear Santosh,

      Please put in your question again, it is difficult to understand what this means “Hi harsh supar 4 x50 available in China and dump to indian supar 3 x55 old model Android and gaming very poor remote sound very dishtarb”


  • Balu says:

    Harsha – What about power consumption ? Will it consume more in comparison to equivalent Sony and Samsung

  • Shrish says:

    Hi Harsh, I’m planning to buy this model. I have a major doubt which i would like to clarify from you.
    The x55 has a 8gb internal memory out which around 2 gb is accessible, i feel which is not enough for installing big games or a lot of apps.
    Is there a way around this, coz i read in a review in the economic times mentioning we can install apps in the tv by keeping pen drive connected to it for additional storage.

    • Harsh Dev says:

      Hi Shirish,

      Why would you want to play big games on the TV when you can always “Mirror” your phones display on the TV . Right ? I play games such as asphalt 8 by installing in on my phone and projecting it on the 55 inch display.

      Also you can install apps such as Netflix, Skype via USB also.


  • Sanju says:

    Hi Harsh,
    Just one question Is LeEco A trust worthy brand as it is a Chinese Company..

    • Harsh Dev says:

      Hi Sanju,

      Your question is valid but let me tell you LeEco is a very trusted brand in China and their products especially Televisions and Smartphones are well built.


  • Rajeev.R says:

    Hi Harsh

    I have a budget between 50-60k and planning to buy Tv size between 50-55″ and I have found Le x55 and Vu 50K310 127 cm (50) 3D 4K (Ultra HD) Smart LED which is of the same price.
    Le x55 has size and Vu has 3D probably with more better specs compared to x55? What do you suggest>

    • Harsh Dev says:

      Hi Rajeev,

      Difficult choice to make .

      But if you want to sacrifice the size and online content that comes free with X55 , I would suggest you go with VU.

      If you want the online content along with a Smart TV go with X55.


  • Rajeev.R says:

    Harsh,and also suggest for any other option of tv which would be better.

    Awaiting your response

    Best Regards


  • Shrish says:

    Hi Harsh,
    Let me rephrase my question, my main concern is the less internal memory of 2gb which is accessible out of the 8gb, i can’t install more than 10-15 apps in the tv with that kind of storage.
    2) also would you recommend any other brands full hd led tv in the price range of 60k.


    • Harsh Dev says:

      Hi Shrish,

      In the range only VU and LeEco are available. Vu has more features( 3D, better Refresh Rate) but LeEco has better panel and color reproduction.


  • venkat chennoju says:

    Hi Harish
    my straight question which is best in 55 inch tv le eco or Vu 4Kgold 55 inches
    prices are both are same. i want good picture quality.
    just suggest.

    yours venkat

  • Anil Deshpande says:

    After delivery your services will be provided ? In villeges

    • Harsh Dev says:

      Hi Mr Anil,

      I am not a representative of LeEco so i cannot speak on behalf of them. What i can tell you is that, if they deliver you the TV they will provide service also.


  • K L Patel says:

    Can I Install and use Skype on this TV?

  • mahesh babu says:

    harsh u didnt my question

  • rose says:

    Harsh Dev Brother, am want to buy leeco 55 4k but am to much worried because service station in my town KOLKATA is included? & please tell me, I have HDFC credit card, so how much I pay for this product finally with EMI ?plz write exact amount with HDFC (Is it 5% less including) Can I use BAJAJ finance also? Thanking you.

    • Harsh Dev says:

      Hi Rose,

      I do not speak officially for the company but as per my knowledge if they are ready to deliver it to your location they will also provide door – door service there.

      Cashback: You will get Rs 5000 cashback if it is mentioned in the sale on Flipkart .For EMI details you will have to see it yourself as it is only visible at the end of the transaction . You will pay slightly more if you choose the EMI option but that also gives you the convenience of spreading the amount over a period.


  • Pradipsinh Barad says:

    Hi Harsh. I got tv x55 4 days back. Result is good.But
    One Problem is Screen Mirraring is not working with my samsung Note 4 & Note 5.
    I was try miracast (wireless diplay) & Casting. It shows “Failed To Connect”. Its work with one plus one mobile, but not working with samsung.Have u any solution.Thank You.

  • Vishnu says:

    I am planning to buy a LCD TV 55 inches, which supports android. I need to run Google Play Store apps. Also. does it support internet access from TATA Photon ?

    I want to access internet on browser and run some flash contents by directly plug in my TATA Photon.Can i do the same?

    Also, Is there any corporate discount, as I want to buy 15-20 such LCD for the company.

    Kindly contact me @ technoblitzkec@gmail.com for the same.

  • Vishnu says:

    I am planning to buy a LCD TV 55 inches, which supports android. I need to run Google Play Store apps?

    Also. does it support internet access from TATA Photon ?

    I want to access internet on browser and run some flash contents by directly plug in my TATA Photon.Can i do the same?

    Also, Is there any corporate discount, as I want to buy 15-20 such LCD for the company?

    Kindly reply ASAP.

  • RK Babu says:

    Hi Harsh, My LeEco 55″ TV is scehduled to be delivered in a day or two and I would like to know if this TV comes along with the requisite wall mount or one needs to purchase it separately from an out side source.My requirement is a fixed mount with an ‘up and down’ tilt facility. Though it may be that you may not always be in favour of mentioning any particular make or brand, since I am not knowledgeable about them I will be very appreciative if you could specify a most suitable one in your opinion for this LeEco 55″ TV. I think this information will also be helpful to many of your readers . I will have to get the mount ‘online’ since I from a small town .


    Dear Harsh

    I ordered Le Eco Super 3 X 55 4K UHD Smart LED 55 ” TV from Le Eco Store.Some my friends suggested me to buy Stabilizer for 55″ TV. Is it really need to 55 ” LED TV. If it will need Stabilizer , which one is the best for this.

    Srinivasa Reddy

    • harsh dev says:

      Hi Srinivasa,

      Do you experience power surges in your city ? The operating range of X55 is 100V-240V~50/60Hz –which means it will not work below 100V , so low voltage is not a problem for you, high voltage beyond 240 V is. If you area/city gets power surges it is better to invest in a V-Guard Stabilizer.

      You can buy this one for X55 and live in peace :) : http://amzn.to/2c9rzlJ


      • SRINIVASA REDDY says:

        Thank You Harsh

        And one more thing in my city ( Vijayawada ) no power surges. in front of my apartment one Transform is there.i want to buy Stabilizer only for 55 ” T V , not for Home theater and DTH .In V- Guard which model is the best for me ?

        Srinivasa Reddy

  • Vishwajeet says:

    Hi Harsh Dev. Thanks for the above informative review. Specially the short video clip.

    In fact the FAQ section here is more useful in clearing our doubts because of your swift and clear replies.

    However, one point is unclear. With reference to the question asked above by Mr.Shrish, dated – 24.08.16. Which is,

    1. Can we run applications installed on the external memory and run them on the TV? I mean, can we use external memory to install or run the applications without loading the internal memory of the TV?

    2. How much is the usual usable memory available in this TV? Is it sufficient for applications like NetFlix?

    3. Since the average Internet connection speeds are around 1-2 Mbps can we buffer the HD movies (heavy files) in the background and continue to watch live cable TV? (Like in a PC where we can buffer the movies in background)

    Thanks in advance mate!

    • Harsh Dev says:

      Hi Vishwajeet,

      The usable memory was about 2 GB if i remember correctly and i would have felt more comfortable if the storage was more. Having said that in the available 2 GB ~ i was able to install apps such as Youtube, Netflix, Skype, Firefox, File Manager, Air Player etc.I also installed 5-6 games such as shark attack etc.

      It would definitely have been better if there was more memory but this is surely not a deal breaker because you can always screen share from your smartphone to play games on the TV or for any other purpose.

      2) Yes more than sufficient to install 15-20 apps.

      3)1-2 MBPS is the bare minimum requirement for smart TV’s and i think you cant do the buffering in the background because unlike a PC this may not handle simultaneous apps. But to be honest with you, I never tried this because i have a 40 MBPS connection, though i will check and get back to you.


  • Rajendra Babu says:

    I have purchased Leeco Super3X55 TV a few days before.
    I have connected ARC HDMI of the TV to ARC HDMI of Phlips Home theater.
    But I could not get the TV audio in Hometheater. How to activate the ARC HDMI in the TV.(Which menu I have to go)

  • Rajendra Babu says:

    I have changed as per your guidance.
    Now it is working properly.
    Thanking you for timely and quick reply.

  • Rajendra Babu says:

    I want to purchase Reliance Jio Dongle devise under 4G..
    Whether this support the internet work of the Leeco Super3X55 TV

    • harsh dev says:

      Hi Mr Rajendra,

      You will have to create a wifi hotspot with your Jio 4g sim . It will definitely work on the TV.


  • CA Anupam Kumar Garg says:

    Dear Dev,

    Please suggest a reasonable (cheap and best) music system (Speakers) for this Tv under Rs. 10,000/- and also under Rs. 5,000/-.

  • Rajendra Babu says:

    Regarding Leeco TV I am having the following issues.
    1.I don’t know how to play USB. My friend informed me to go through Files/Video.
    But that option is not there. Guide me how to play USB.
    2.I was also told that when playing USB the sound cannot be diverted to home theater system. Inform me how to divert the sound from the TV to home theater system during USB playing.
    3.I am often getting the message “Unfortunately Super Voice has stopped”. Guide me how not to get these alerts.
    4.I have connected my computer to the TV by HDMI chord. I could not get the signals on my TV monitor. Any changes to be done in the setting of TV/Computer.

  • Anil says:

    Hi Harsh,

    I’ve bought the SuperX55 model and I’ve been trying to connect Creative 2.1 speakers to it but when I connect the speaker’s 3.5 mm jack to the headphone port and select that option in the Sound settings of the TV, there is no sound coming in the creative speakers. The speakers otherwise work when connected to my iPhone or iMac. Tried the Optical audio out port as well and again got no sound. I connected Philips headphone to the headphone port and again got no sound. Have you experienced this issue? Any possible solutions or is this a genuine defect and I need to call their service? Please help.

  • Rash says:

    Hi Harsh.
    I am frequently getting unfortunately supetvoice has stopped. How to solve this issue??
    Secondly, we are not able to connect PC to TV… Can u guide us???

  • Rohan says:

    Hi Harsh,

    Please please please reply urgently.
    You said there is no light bleed on the corners of your TV. But some online reviews say they have this problem. Is this a display panel defect? And Is it such a big deal ? Seems very unfortunate to get a TV with this light bleed issue. Also many are complaining about the audio quality to be very cheap.. :( Should I still buy this tv ? Desperatly need your guidance. Thanks in advance :)

    • Harsh Dev says:

      Hi Rohan,

      Minor light bleed can at most cause minor distraction but in many cases is benign. If your light bleed is more intense you can always send your TV back and get a replacement. Minor Light bleeds are very common in TVs but if it becomes distracting it can be a problem.


  • Rajendra Babu says:

    Some times I am also having the problem of light bleed issue at left side of the frame. Audio quality also not good. we have to compulsory buy the sound system separately to get good audio. From Sun DTH HD setoff box HD signals are some way better but the quality of SD signals are not good. This TV may suitable for Internet contents but not for DTH Set of box. Also HDFC bank has not given any discount (Rs.5000) for the purchases made through their Debit/Credit cards.

    • Harsh Dev says:

      Hi Mr Rajendra,

      1) The cash backs dont come immediately but over a period of months but it will come for sure.

      2) Because the input ( SD) is low quality when it gets upscaled on 4K resolution the picture gets distorted . So it is always advisable to not play anything lower than 720 P on this TV.

      3) I am sure the sound in bad because of the input source, do you feel the sound is low even on youtube or Levidi?


  • RS yadav says:

    In my super x55 wireless display is not working with either nexus6p or mi4 , is it real problem and will it be fixed with software updates??

    • Harsh Dev says:

      Hi Mr Yadav,

      The problem in this case is not with the TV but with the phones. I am not sure about Mi4 but Google Took away Miracast Support from Nexus 6P to promote chromecast. Because Miracast is disabled the Wireless Display wont work on some devices.


  • Rajendra Babu says:

    “Unfortunately Super Voice is stoped ” message is coming frequently which is a nuisance during watching. How to stop this message.

  • Dinesh gupta says:

    you have not covered all issues..
    issues I am facing are
    1. Bluetooth connectivity is only 5 feet . voice breaks above that.
    2. when connected Bluetooth headset the voice is delayed by 1 to 2 seconds.. which is so irritating
    3.strange ..in some channels you can not increase and decrease t.t.v channel voice by settop box remote.. you have to use TV remote for that. so u need to carry both remotes all time..

    4.service engineers are not well equipped with knowledge .. they don’t know the complete fuction of t.v

    5. no manual to refer for features.

    6 no hdmi cables included.

    7. there is a three pin audio video with one jack input… if we use it on component …then where the he’ll will the voice be achieved from.. it should had been a 5 pin system like Samsung gives.. I don’t know why they are so incomplete

  • kumar says:

    there are some reviews that normal sd channels from dth set top boxes (tatasky/airtel) as seen on leeco 55inch 4k is very bad and disgusting after spending 60k.
    i watch only normal sd channels.
    it appears the upscaling from 480p is not as good as 720p
    pl clarify so that i can take a call whether to buy leeco

  • Rajendra Babu says:

    Dear Mr. Kumar
    If you want to see only SD channels this TV is not for you.
    For Internet and HD channels only this TV support.

  • DIP says:

    Hi Harsh
    I have booked the TV but still below questions are in mind.
    1) Why this TV consume more power(180 W) compare to others (110-130W)
    2) Why it has more weight(without stand 21 Kg) compare to others in same segment(11-13 kg)
    Is the material is different than others and that’s why it has less price ?
    3) Will it work properly with Cabel TV- HD Set top Box properly(GTPL)
    Pl. clarify above points on ASAP

  • Ravi Shankar says:

    Hello Mr Harsh,

    This is Ravi…I am planning to buy a Ultra Smart TV 55 inches…Which one is the best in terms of picture quality and sound features along with the internet options…I am in a dilemma between Le Eco Super 55 TV and TCL L55P1US…looks like both of them have similar specifications technically…In Le Eco Tv…there is an added subscription that is offered free for the first 2years…please suggest on priority…as I want to make use of the current sales on Flipkart and Amazon…Thank you

    • Harsh Dev says:

      Mr Shankar,

      Both TV’s are equally good. But if you like slightly oversaturated colours you should go for : TCL – http://amzn.to/2dHQjGu

      If you like true colours and will use the 2 years of online subscription , buy the LeEco X55 – http://tinyurl.com/z4pwkgo

      There are good offers going on with both of them. So i would encourage you to make the purchase during the sale period.



    Dear Harsh Dev

    Witch one is the best option

    1. TV Life and Colors
    2. Maintenance free
    3. Clarity
    4. Not size and Pricing
    5. For Cool eyes


    Thank you for your reply Mr.Harsha Dev

    I am Confused about these TV’s, Please guide me.

    1. SONY : Sony 108 cm 43″ BRAVIA KDL-43W950D Full HD 3D Android LED TV

    A : This is successful model or not ?.
    B : Any problems with android.
    C : What about 3D ,it is useful or not ?
    D : It’s design was good, that’s i am asking.

    2. Le Eco : LeEco 138.8cm (55) Ultra HD (4K) Smart LED TV

    A : Corner Bleeding issue (Massive color bleed around the edges)

    B : Is It Perfect 4K TV ?

    C : How is their service ?

    D : What about it’s Picture Quality.

    E :

    • harsh dev says:

      I am Confused about these TV’s, Please guide me.
      1. SONY : Sony 108 cm 43″ BRAVIA KDL-43W950D Full HD 3D Android LED TV
      A : This is successful model or not ?. Its a good model, you can buy it if you want!
      B : Any problems with android.- None
      C : What about 3D ,it is useful or not ? Not useful
      D : It’s design was good, that’s i am asking.
      2. Le Eco : LeEco 138.8cm (55) Ultra HD (4K) Smart LED TV
      A : Corner Bleeding issue (Massive color bleed around the edges) – Some people have complained about bleeding but majority have not. Little bleeding is normal.
      B : Is It Perfect 4K TV ? – Not perfect as said before.
      C : How is their service ? – If they deliver the TV the service will be good.
      D : What about it’s Picture Quality. – Picture quality will depend upon the source. HD content looks really good.
      E :


    To Mr .Giridhar

    I am Confused about these TV’s, Please guide me.

    1. SONY : Sony 108 cm 43″ BRAVIA KDL-43W950D Full HD 3D Android LED TV
    A : This is the successful model or not ?.
    B : Any problems with android in Future ?
    C : What about 3D ,it is useful or not ?
    D : It’s design was good, that’s i am asking.
    E : What about it’s Picture Quality ?

    2. Le Eco : LeEco 138.8cm (55) Ultra HD (4K) Smart LED TV
    A : Corner Bleeding issue (Massive color bleed around the edges)
    B : Is It Perfect 4K TV ?
    C : How is their service ?
    D : What about it’s Picture Quality.
    E : What is the difference between Android and OS Smart TV ?
    F : What about it’s Sound ?

    Thank you

    TV Vaishnav Reddy

  • Vivek says:

    TCL L55P1US or Leco 55 inch big confusion. Help. Mony is not an issue but want true returns of investment. I have 32 inch HD ready Sony.

  • Rajendra Babu says:

    “Unfortunately Super Voice is Stoped ” message is coming frequently which is a nuisance during watching. How to stop this message.
    After so many attempts in changes in settings I have find a way not to get this message.

    Goto the Menu Tools/Supervoice/Setting
    For speak voice—OFF
    Now you will not get that nuisance message.

  • vaishnav deshpande says:

    respected harsh sir, I want to purchase smart tv .my hall is 14x11feet. I am going to book ( not book yet ) leco 55 inch tv ( earlier final lg 49 lh 600T ). pl guide me which model is best for me and size of tv . thanks in advance.

    • Harsh Dev says:

      Hi Mr Vaishnav,

      lg 49 lh 600T is also a great TV but the price difference between LeEco X55 and LG is almost Rs 20,000. I think that you should invest in LeEco TV if you will use internet based services more than DTH.
      For a 14*11 Feet hall, the X55 will be big but it can also feel like a personal home theater.

      LeEco : http://tinyurl.com/z4pwkgo

  • Shushansh says:

    Hi Harsh,

    I am looking to buy a television with a low budget of just over 70k, I want a big screen (55 inches suits me aptly) which shortlisted the LeEco 55 inch TV.

    But as I was going through reviews, I saw that SD doesn’t look good on it. I will use it for SD quality for 50% of time, is it worth it in this case?

    If not can you please suggest any other one which would suit me, I want to make a purchase today only.


    • Harsh Dev says:

      Hi Shushansh,

      If you are going to use SD for a major amount of time then i would not recommend any 4K TV to you because upscaling will distort content. You should go for a 1080p TV.

      Check out this : Sony : http://amzn.to/2dBGxll


  • Samuel says:

    if we compare this tv with VU iconium 4k UHD tv, which one is better?
    Should i go for LeEco or VU?

  • Leslie says:

    Hi Harsh,
    I am plaining to buy this TV, most of your comment say’s HDFC Bank Cards gives 5000 cash back, but I dont see any offer on flipkart right now or it doest matter ,or I should use through Smartbuy. How can I use HDFC Card to get cashback? thankyou.

  • vaishnav deshpande says:


  • Anand says:

    Hi Sir,

    I’m, planning to buy a 50-55 inch 4k tv with a budget not more than 60k. I’m confused between LeEco, TCL and Vu. I just want a reliable one with good quality which last longer. I’m not interested in online content which LeEco provides and I will be using HD dish like Airtel for connectivity. LeEco reviews looks promising and Vu provides 3 years warranty which was impressing.
    Kindly advise me.

    • harsh dev says:

      Hi Anand,

      All of the ones you mentioned are reliable. TCL has slightly oversaturated colours but its curved 48 inch is good and LeEco provides 4 years of warranty.


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