Smart keyboards are nothing new, we’ve had them in the past and we’ve had our share of using them every now and then. What’s new about ‘Xploree’ is that ‘Xploree’ smart keyboard is the one which really changes the concept of a smart keyboard, this is more on the lines of data analysis and making meaning out of the inputs given on it and pushing out relevant information to the user.

You can read about what the ‘Xploree’ app does in our previous post ( 

However, here we are going to talk about how tall does the promise of providing hyper-contextual ads stand ?

The Basic Stuff : Typing

Let’s start with basics here, what a keyboard is supposed to do essentially, it’s supposed to type as the user wants it to. Now the ‘Xploree’ keyboard, I felt missed out on this really basic stuff. The keyboard is great no doubt but the typing on this one perhaps was a let-down. The speed typing on this keyboard became difficult with time and I really had to switch back to the google keyboard. I am huge fan of key vibrations while typing and while using , ‘Xploree’, I faced the problem with the vibrations being missed out while speed typing, this is kind of a lag that the developers need to fix.

Design and Themes:

Coming to the look of it, it has hands down, the best themes and colour, one could get was on a keyboard. My personal ‘favourite is the Halloween theme, i totally loved it. There are a bunch of themes and they are great, kudos ‘Xploree’ for that !.  It’s Multi-Lingual so that’s a great thing too, Tons of languages to choose from and they work well.


My Dictionary:

Then there is a ‘My Dictionary Feature’, which is cool, you can add up to 2000 words in it and edit it anytime, which is seriously a great feature to have, I just wish they could add an option to import my stored words from google keyboard. ‘Xploree’ developers I hope you are reading this.

Text Shortcuts:

This is a sweet feature to get on this keyboard, you have the option to set any abbreviate as a shortcut to a long word, so whenever you type that short word you get a suggestion with a ‘+’ sign to add the longer word. This is great as it reduces your typing time for a longer word.


The Edge over all others:

‘Xploree’ keyboard starts using artificial intelligence to offer valuable services to the user. Its app, which is known as ‘Xploree’ offers contextual, intent based recommendations to the user in a way that the user does not need to switch apps. The natural language processing engine in the ‘Xploree’ app understands the context of the communication and provides relevant recommendation to the user. For eg. If a user shows intent towards buying white sneakers, the ‘Xploree’ app will understand the intent and deliver a recommendation for purchase within the app itself. This type of advertising is known as hyper contextual advertising, wherein the type of ad or recommendation that user gets, depends entirely on that particular users personality, location and preference etc. Such an understanding of a user’s behaviour benefits both the user and the marketer as the ads become as relevant as possible.

xploree_app_review2This is as great as it sounds, but I don’t know for some reason the app fails to provide any relevant information or “ads” plus it should be real time if they really want to capture this market. Like imagine I type to my friend “Hey man, I wanna buy a google pixel ”, now what the app essentially should be doing is understanding this statement, analyzing this and giving me suggestion for best prices for google pixel from e-sellers. But, for some reason it just keeps giving out weird ads which are really not relevant for me, after a while the user gets seriously irritated and uninstalls the app. So my personal suggestion to ‘Xploree’ would be to revisit the ‘intelligence’ of the app and tweak it to present more relevant advertisements. Aesthetically the app is great its only the brains behind the beauty that needs a uplift.