Indian Nerve started in 2012, and since then is attempting to find a bridge among the major categories that connects with our internet population, viz. – Cinema, Technology, Science, Books, Politics, Health, Travel, etc. Our mission is to offer our audience breaking news coverage, in-depth reading/review of films and books, tech product information and health awareness in an amalgamated form. Our website features in Google News.

The several sections/categories in Indian Nerve (detailed):

IN-Tech : Latest technological developments, product launches with their detailed description with features and specifications, product reviews.

IN-Cinema : Movie news, reviews, trailer releases, cast interviews.

In-Indie : Short films that deserve to be seen

IN-Shelf : Book news, reviews, author interviews, excerpts, etc.

IN-Stance : Opinions (personal – an author’s own view)

IN-Brief : Short updates on the miscellaneous news items, mostly political

IN-Explorer : Travelogues, places/spots to visit in India

IN-Vigor : Health related news, breakouts and their preventions