There are tons of meditation apps already available on the market. While many of them use meditation as a religious practice, some have rightly tried to separate meditation from religion but have not been fairly successful. There was a need to approach the ancient practice of meditation differently that could be acceptable and be relatable to everyone. And finally, Aware does it because I strongly feel that the change of approach could only be effective from its land of origin, India.

We have all known since ages that meditation has immense benefits on our health, relationship and performance and significant scientific research has proved the same too. But not everyone can easily make meditation a natural part of their life. This is where technology steps in.

I was following a page on Facebook, Daily Mindfulness & Meditation Tips, for quite some time. It helped me to understand the subjects of mindfulness and meditation in depth and then finally introduced me to their mobile app ‘Aware’ that they promise would revolutionise the practice of meditation. They also offered a beta program where early subscribers get a lifetime subscription for only $4.99, which I lapped on and have been using the app since then.

When you download the app, it introduces you to the basics of mindfulness meditation through guided meditation sessions from their foundation course. The guide has a soothing and a friendly voice with which one can easily befriend. The narration is very smooth and explains each exercise very clearly. The exercises have been meticulously prepared to make it as easy as possible for beginners. In the first week of the foundation course which is free to use for everyone, you’re introduced to simple breathing exercises, counting exercises and mindfulness on breath, body sensations, sounds and thoughts. These guided sessions teach you to increase your concentration and manage your thoughts. “Watch your thoughts and not react to them”, the guide keeps telling you. With 10 minutes of practice daily, I connected with the app immediately. I could sense the benefits of the practice as it relaxed my body and calmed my mind at the start of the day.

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But what sets ‘Aware’ apart from all other apps available is its effort in helping you to make the practice a habit, a natural part of your life. After each day of meditation, you’re offered ‘energizers’, which are very short guided meditation tracks that you can choose to set a reminder for and do them at any time of the day. So, when I get stressed with the amount of work in office, I take up ‘Bodyscan Energizer’ that helps me calm my mind. Before I go into any meeting, I take up ‘Breath Awareness Energizer’ that helps me immensely to regain focus. While I am commuting, I take up ‘Sound Immersion Energizer’ that amazingly uplifts my mood. Most importantly, what these energizers do is keep you on track with mindfulness throughout the day and before you realize, you would have made meditation your way of living.

After you finish the foundation course and you’re acquainted with the exercise, ‘Aware’ unlocks multiple other specific courses to boost your health, relationship, and performance. From helping you to fight stress, anxiety, depression to helping you to gain acceptance, focus, self-esteem and boost your creativity and relationship, ‘Aware’ uses mindfulness meditation to be your guide in your journey to a better life. And if you need more time to get acquainted with any course, Aware also offers Daily Guide programs on each course that you can keep taking till you start experiencing the benefits of the exercise.

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The app is very easy to use which elders, as well as kids, can be comfortable with and it gives you statistics too to check your progress on the journey too. I got so hooked to the app that I decided to know more about the creators of the app and I found that Aware has been made by meditation experts from various schools in India. I also got connected with the founder of Uber Health Tech Pvt Ltd, the parent company of Aware, Mr. Avinash Saurabh and tried to understand their motivation behind the app. He says,”Although meditation is a widely popular subject, the current apps are either very expensive or have not been projected and placed it the way it deserves too. With Aware, we would disrupt the market by making it almost free and reach out to even the last person with the message that meditation is not just a tool to fight stress and anxiety but it should be a part of people’s lives to boost their wellness and finally help mankind to reframe their intrusive thoughts.”

The app is in its beta phase and the lifetime subscription is available for just $4.99. The app is available for Android users now and soon it would be available for iOS users too. I strongly recommend you to give it a shot and try to enhance your wellness like it has done to me.

You can give ‘Aware’ a try by downloading it from the Play Store here.

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