The pacemakers @ Indian Nerve.

The Nerve-Us Team:

Ambarish Ganesh [Founding Editor]– You can reach him here- [editor AT indiannerve DOT com]

Dhawal Rathod [Managing Editor] Myopic, Geometer, a plumber turned ‘Freedom Fighter’ who liberated the US from the RED Army and convicted psychotic lunatic turned Mafia boss of Vice City. Saved his brains from being eaten by the ‘Zombies’ thanks to his ‘Plants’! Occasional street-racer in Sierra Nevada, Napa Valley, the Peninsula, the City and on the Pacific Highway for money.

Aditya Mallya [Film/TV Geek] – Aditya is not related to Vijay. He pays his debts on time and treats his calendar girls with respect. He has a gluttonous appetite for books, films, trivia and other food for the mind. Bitterly disappointed at never receiving his Hogwarts letter, he is expecting an admission raven from the Citadel any moment now.

Anurag Paliwal [Managing Editor] A mechanical engineer. White-collared author. Points-out faults in Sachin’s cover drive while adding his own expert advice. Hmm. You may reach him here- [anuragpaliwal09 AT gmail DOT com]

Arindam Sen [Film/Comic Geek] A comic book geek since the time Frank Miller wrote stuff that actually mattered, he rediscovered his first love after reading Ultimate Spider Man #1 in the early 2000s. Now he masquerades as an Engineer when he’s not devouring comics, binge watching atleast 5 TV shows and a ton of movies, which he occasionally reviews and annually performing live as Lead Guitars/Bass/Ukelele for Bauls & Blues.

Harsh Dev [Film Critic]– Overdose of Movies /TV/novels/games never did any good to anyone except few crazies who end up being so delusional that they start wearing mask and cape at night to fight against the villains of the city and also wear a cowboy hat and jump into the ruins of an ancient temple to unravel the mysteries of ancient civilizations but at the same time check Google for the next nexus release. He is one of those cracked movie lovers with a dash of a techie sprinkled with an eye for photography. He loves puppies and guns equally and has a knack for running marathons which makes him fit into the skin tight super hero costume at night.