Anna Hazare’s protest against corruption may have found fewer people than last year, but he surely has his plans on the table. Anna is said to be planning for a new ’political option’ to people of India. This may be good news for his staunch supporters, but really is there any need for this new option. The already dwindling support for Anna andolan may be a cause of worry for Team Anna, but is it really feasible to rope in a new party in already overcrowded political scene.


Ramdev Baba brought in some crowd yesterday, much to the relief of Team Anna, who this time around are fasting without Anna. Baba also urged public to support Anna protest. He himself would be protesting against black money issue from August 9th and has promised media that this time protest will be bigger and better managed. Interestingly, Ramdev Baba had also voiced the same words year ago. He also had announced plans to establish a new political party which again talked about giving commons a ‘new option’. Well, this can turn into a new front or they form the part of same party.

But, in this already complex Indian politics, where a third front is can already be a reality (regional parties can form a new front) is it really an option Anna has. May be this is his choice rather than option. But can he deliver? Well only time will tell. The costs of logistics that are required to contest the elections are large. How they will fund the elections? Donations – I doubt. But how can they keep the black money out of their system, the question remains.

Even if they contest the elections, would they even win some seats? Country where some constituencies are won only at money power, would they able to survive? What will be there main agenda? Jan Lokpal Bill? If true, then why should people elect them, when ruling party has already promised a strong Lokpal. Where they will get appropriate candidates? Would they be clean as crystal? Questions are many, but do they really have plan for these issues- I doubt.

It will be easier for Team Anna and Ramdev Baba to pressurise on government from outside. Challenging them in political battleground can prove a blunder. Media has also given them cold shoulder this time. But they should not worry about it, as soon as people start to pour in, media will give them attention. But these questions can haunt them in near future. They better find the answer soon or they would lose the trust of their strongest support – people of India.