The politics in Delhi has come to crossroads like never before. Both the centre stage parties have an indispensable question to answer- Who’d sit on the ‘Singhasan’? The PM’s throne is waiting for its next occupant. The choices are not many to be honest, but we don’t know, parties can pull in a surprise like in 2004. Preliminary reports suggest that Rahul Gandhi from Congress and Narendra Modi from BJP are the frontrunners.

Prime Minister's Throne

Both of them are good options for their respective parties. But both have faced opposition from within their own circles. Modi has sent out an image as a pro-development leader. Having conquered Gujarat with majority in state assembly, his confidence is running high. The laggard performance of UPA II has done nothing but enhanced his image as an efficient administrator. The growth indices of various sectors in Gujarat are proof of this. But his autocratic way of governance has found many critics in his own state. He has been dubbed as very egoistic person to handle even by colleagues and those who have said it openly has been shown the door by the party. This speaks a lot about his stature in the party as well as the trust (read fear) he enjoys within his circles.

The most frightful word in the dictionary of Modi has to be Godhra. His image has taken a toll with his misadventures in the past, when he was not the leader of stature as he has become today. Nitish Kumar, the trusted member of NDA, has given cold shoulder to Modi on the same issue. The Nitish –Modi equation will be an important issue to address for NDA if they come to power. Meanwhile NDA can spring in a surprise if Nitish does not relent. Gadkari can be a choice.

UPA on the other hand has prince who has still not got the place in the scheme of things at center. Though he has managed to obtain general secretary post in his party, but it was an effort from party high command to involve him at bigger stage. Rahul has failed miserably, with Congress loosing every state assembly elections under his leadership. UP, a traditional stronghold of Congress has lost quite a ground under his eyes. His silence during Anna Hazare’s protest against corruption underlines a fact that he is not ready for big stage. Secret life of this Gandhi scion has not got down with media as well. If something unexpected happens we can still get a new PM from UPA, maybe from even outside the Congress.

Whoever comes to power in the next polls, the fight for this throne would be very intriguing. Until then everyone’s keeping their cards closed. The choice is not simple for commons- an idiot from Congress or a monster from BJP. Tough decisions ahead.