If you are asked, which is the most used app on your smartphone, what would you answer? Many don’t realize this but the most used application is the keyboard app. It is omnipresent in almost all the layouts of the operating system and is also the most widely used interface for interacting with humans or inbuilt machine. Even then, most of the developers do not focus on devising ways to make the textual experience of the user better, sure there are apps such as SwiftKey, Flesky, Minuum etc, but all of them focus on accelerating the typing speed and making the typing experience of the user more comfortable. So, is the keyboard app limited only to take inputs and not provide any kind of relevant output by analyzing the context and the intent of user’s conversation ?

Well, KeyPoint technology believes its time we think beyond the normal paradigm of a keyboard and start using artificial intelligence to offer valuable services to the user. Its app, which is known as ‘Xploree’ offers to provide contextual, intent based recommendations to the user in a way that the user does not need to switch apps. The natural language processing engine in the ‘Xploree’ app understands the context of the communication and provides relevant recommendation to the user. For eg. If a user shows an intent towards buying white sneakers, the ‘Xploree’ app will understand the intent and deliver a recommendation for purchase within the app itself. This type of advertising is know asĀ hyper contextual advertisingĀ , wherein the type of ad or recommendation that user gets, depends entirely on that particular users personality, location and preference etc. Such an understanding of a users behaviour benefits both the user and the marketer as the ads become as relevant as possible.

The ‘Xploree’ keyboard app is multilingual and also understands the context in regional languages.

You can download the ‘Xploree’ smart keyboard android app from the Google Playstore.

PN : This post will be followed by a detailed review of ‘Xploree’ .