The first theatrical trailer of Bhaangarh, a film based on India’s ‘officially haunted fort in Rajasthan, is out. Directed by Dilip Virender Sood, the movie stars Aneet Kaur Sekhon, Herry. T, Debonita Sur, Adeel Chaudhry, Suzzana Mukherjee and Tom Alter in lead roles.

bhaangarh poster

Director Sood stated – “Since childhood I have been a huge horror fan with a special interest in slasher and psychological horror films. Through ‘Bhaangarh’, I have tried to deviate from the traditional Indian horror film and give audiences a new experience which draws from both these sub-genres. The film will surely take audience by surprise, keeping them guessing and scaring them at the same time. The movie deals with human emotion and how, when your worst nightmare comes true, it becomes impossible to tell between a friend from a foe. We have tried to capture this essence and communicate it to audience through the movie’s trailer and poster.”

The film is slated for a September 5 release. Watch trailer here-