“Shivaay is a Himalayan mountaineer who is an innocent everyman and yet is capable of TRANSFORMING into a mean DESTROYER when he needs to PROTECT his family.”

This is what we know of Ajay Devgn’s dream project ‘Shivaay’. Though the official trailer was just released, that did not help our understanding of the story. It appears to be a story surrounding the life of a mountaineer whose name could be ‘Shivaay’ but that was never mentioned in the trailer clearly, what was definitely clear from the trailer was that this movie will have some spectacular action sequences and some breath taking shots, that we can vouch for after watching the trailer. How well the story is executed can only be confirmed once the movie is in the theatres. For now, Mr Devgn, you have got our attention ! Please don’t disappoint because the trailer was very promising and cleverly edited.

Apart from being the lead actor, Ajay Devgn has also directed, written and produced ‘Shivaay’.

Watch the trailer and let us know how you felt about it, in the comments below.