A study was published in a journal named Stem Cell Research and Therapy, according to which turmeric plays a vital role in helping the nerve cells in brain to repair when damage occurs as it contains an oil which is extracted from aromatic turmerone, one of its important compound.

Researchers from Germany’s Institute of Neuroscience executed brain scans on rat by injecting them with a turmeric compound. The scan was conducted before and after the rats were injected with such compound. They originated that the part of brain which contribute in nerve cell growth become much more active after being injected with the turmeric compound.

It is said that turmeric also contains a compound known as curcumin which averts initiation of Alzheimer’s disease (in which brain cells are lost) as it has the capacity to regenerate new cells.

Turmeric is also a natural medication for various infirmities such as heart ailments, blood pressure .