A new way experimented by Australian researchers to bring an end and to avert tooth degeneration after analyzing for a period of 7 years will help to cut down the dental fillings to the extent of 50%. Fillings are preventable and are not required in many cases according to Associate Professor W Wendell Evans from University of Sydney. The study revealed that compared to the prevailing procedure the preventative dental scheme will have added advantages. The currently followed procedure of “drill & fill” sheds initial rotting and averts caries outburst. current practice certainly accepts that tooth decay is a continuous process. But only when genuine gap is apparent tooth should be drilled and filled according to Dr Evans.

dental filling

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After studying for 50 years Australian researchers came to a conclusion that tooth decay advances gradually i.e. for a period of around 8 years from enamel to dentine. Thus the decay is not at all times a continuous process and proper action taken at proper time can avoid the need for filling.

Evan and team invented a sequence of procedures to evaluate tooth decay risk/dental elucidation and pre-cavity rotting management. Caries Management System (CMS) as it is known has following characteristics:

  • Consumption of sugary drinks and canapes amidst food should be decreased
  • Proper brushing techniques at home should be given more importance.
  • Application of thick fluoride lacquer wherever rotting is seen at initial stages.
  • Nursing particular dental problems.

The CMS test was experimented at Westmead Hospital with a great achievement and findings were published i n Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology journal on Dec. 7.