According to the researchers of The University of Warwick, a healthy diet with improved consumption of vegetables and fruits taken at least five times per day has a considerable positive effect on the cerebral health of a person.


During the research it was found that approximately 34 percent of people with high cerebral well-being consumed four to five servings of vegetables and fruits as compared to 28.4 percent who just consumed one to two servings. Though there are several aspects which influence mental well-being, healthy eating and smoking play an important role for both, men as well as women.

According to Saverio Stranges, M.D., Ph.D., a person whose vegetable and fruit intake is high has a lesser chance of having low cerebral well-being. Researchers also state that a low cerebral well-being is an indicator of various mental problems or illness. But this does not imply that high mental well-being is just absence of indicators of illness. It is a condition where individuals feel happy, confident and perform well in all their activities.

This research was published in British Medical Journal Open.