In the high-energy data market race of launching fourth generation ultra-speed internet at the cheapest possible rate, Mumbai-based Tikona Digital announces its participation from the later half of 2013, where it shall render 4G services at 2 to 5 paise per MB in cities of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh. Tikona’s Chief Executive Prakash Bajpai stated that these tariffs would unsettle the market, and as they’re already charging 2-5 paise per MB for WiFi data plans giving speed as high as 10mbps, it’s easier for them to do this.

Tikona-To-Launch-4G-LTE-Wireless-Broadband-Services in 2013

Videocon Mobile has announced that it shall be launching 4G services at rates cheaper than the existing 2G and 3G tariffs. Bharti Airtel is the sole company as of now to beam 4G internet at 13-15 paise per MB, excluding the dongle and data card costs that rounds up to INR 5000/-. Even this is less than the company’s 3G rate that demands 30-35 paise/- per MB. Most mobile operators charge the same for their 3G services, and with 4G entering markets at a cheaper rate offering six to ten times faster internet compared to 3G, the 3G market is bound to suffer heavily. Reliance is still keeping mum regarding its 4G pricing schemes.

The present terms and regulations forbid 4G operators from providing voice call facilities, but with the new telecom policy effecting next year, the operators can offer every form of communication service following their migration to a unified license.

Source: TOI