DTH service provider Tata Sky has introduced a new mobile application ‘Everywhere TV’ that lets subscribers catch their favorite television programmes directly on their smartphones. The app, functional on both Android and iOS devices, shall be launched soon in India during the festive season. Customers who’re already enjoying Tata Sky DTH need to shell out just Rs 60 to avail this app, and they’ll have a choice of over a 50 channels to watch from.

Tata-Sky-Everywhere-TV-android ios

Tata Sky Chief Commercial Officer Vikram Mehra said, “The idea is to let our subscribers watch TV while they are travelling or when they are out of home. All that they need is a good 3G mobile connection or a Wi-Fi connectivity.” He added that this move forms an important part of the company plan to further popularize their brand and meet the ever changing customer demands. “We started the ‘a la carte’ option to let customers choose what channels they want to watch, we introduced the recording option so that they can watch programmes later. Now, our next step is to let them watch live while on the move via mobiles,” he said.

A research carried out by them revealed that a subscriber on an average commuted for about 76 minutes a day, and most of these people watch videos on their phone to kill boredom. Further research revealed that 88% of these commuters possessed either a smartphone or a tablet or both, so there is a huge potential for ‘Everywhere TV’ app to succeed.

The number of channels the company’s offering shall be doubled in the coming three months, and plans are in pipeline to include over 200 channels in it. At first, it’s just some of the English and Hindi channels that shall be made available, but gradually regional channels shall be rolled out too. Potential customers include existing Tata Sky subscribers, and students residing in hostels who’ll find this medium cheaper and more convenient.