While the modern world technology continues to adapt more smartness in its devices, a drained battery can make all the smart go dumb. Recently Powerbanks, with their rechargeable battery and USB cables, have re-juiced our devices quite efficiently. SONY has introduced its new CP-V3A USB portable powerbank which could be availed in six bright colors and a battery capacity of 3000mAh. This charger packs the same concept design like its predecessor, the Sony CP-V3, and can give your smartphone/tablet one full charge. Delivering a high output of 1.5A for a quickie-charge, this portable charger could always be your emergency power backup, all for Rs. 1,590.


The CP-V3A is powered by SONY’s Hybrid-Gel Technology, and houses within the regular Li-ion battery. The company claims that it retains 90% or greater capacity at 1000 charges. It’s compatible with all Android handsets/tablets. The charger’s available with all SONY Centers across the country, as well as with major online retailers. Its competition in India include the likes of Eveready, Nokia, Ambrane and Maxx.

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