It seems like some foodie-cum-app developer has brought forth the best of both worlds in Scentee, a smartphone app that sprays different aromas notifying you of messages, email alerts, Facebook likes etc. The app developers have developed a scent cartridge that gets plugged into your phone to deliver a range of aromas from salted tongue to butter potato (yum!) that shall signify different alerts. As of now, the scent catalog features 12 olfactory options from natural essences like strawberry, mint and jasmine to the more refined aromas of corn soup, cinnamon roll and curry.

Scentee App Delivers Scented Notifications and Alerts

Each single cartridge is priced slightly over $5, and delivers close to a hundred sprays. The device itself is the size of a ping-pong ball and costs $35, and gets directly plugged into your smartphone’s stereo jack. The cartridge is compatible with both iOS and Android operating phones.

Watch this video to know more about Scentee: