Reliance Industries (RIL)-owned Infotel Broadband acquired license to launch 4G service nationally way back in 2010, but Airtel initiated the game by launching ultra-speed internet in Kolkata, Bangalore and Pune, in that very order. Reliance’s 4G launch is being pursued eagerly as the company is all set to revolutionize the telecom segment the same way it did with its cheap voice services 10 years ago. The latest development suggests that Reliance is all set to launch their 4G services in Mumbai and Delhi around mid-2013. Partnerships have already been established with Samsung, Microsoft, IBM and Ericsson to ensure a smooth and timely launch.

mi-fi my wifi devices

To compensate for the non-availability of 4G-enabled devices, Reliance Industries shall launch Mi-Fi (aka My Wi-Fi) gadgets- tiny battery-operated wireless devices that overcome shortage of handsets by converting 4G signals to WiFi. These MiFi devices shall let tablets and smartphones access this superfast internet, thus ensuring swift opting of this service. Officials nodded positive when asked whether they’ve commenced laying fiber optic cables in the marked cities (Mumbai and Delhi).