We’ve been dragged through one too many rumors surrounding Samsung’s foldable smartphone (two years already!?), and the south Korean company in the meantime has kept us in the edge of things with Galaxy smartphones featuring curved displays. A latest rumor from a source very close to the project reveals that Samsung’s first foldable device shall definitely arrive come January 2016, and boy aren’t we creaming our pants already.

Codenamed Project Valley, the foldable smartphone is being tested using two separate chipsets – Qualcomm Snapdragon 620 and Snapdragon 820. Other details leaked mention of an embedded battery and 3GB of RAM with expandable storage. An earlier report suggested that the company is ‘aggressively’ testing the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset, mostly to determine whether the chipset shall be featured in Samsung’s upcoming flagship models or not. Apart from these, not much has been revealed about the limelighted device.

The foldable device, though novel, doesn’t come as a total surprise. Samsung had, in 2008, exhibited a prototype of a display that folds in half at The Society for Information Display (SID), an event showcasing innovative display concepts. you can watch the prototype in action here-


The company had earlier shared a concept video of a foldable phone, which when unfolded reveals a tablet. Watch it here –

In other news, Samsung Galaxy View device (teased during the IFA event) has been certified by the Bluetooth SIG with model name SM-T670. Not much of its details were leaked, but it’s sure to feature Bluetooth version 4.1.

via : GforGames