The Tiranga Bangle- an initiative by steel tycoon Naveen Jindal’s Flag Foundation of India that can potentially cure you out of everyday stress and other health woes. Jindal’s Flag Foundation was set up in 2002 following a seven-year long court struggle, and lets Indians display the national flag with esteem and pride at their homes, workplaces, etc.

shashi tharoor navin jindal tiranga bangleLaunched at the hands of Shashi Tharoor, the Tiranga Bangle is made of copper and developed using the tri-vortex technology (a sound-based tech employed to treat materials and products meant for health assistance. The bangle asserts providing ‘natural, environment-friendly and non-chemical-based healing’. The brain behind the technology- Anton Ungerer- stated that the technology employs subtle energy vibrations and shall surely strike a chord in India. The bangle is even beneficial for people affected by arthritis, gout, carpal tunnel syndrome or other pain-related illness. Even athletes suffering from physical injuries can greatly benefit from this bangle.