Microsoft’s most popular operating system Windows XP will no longer be able to provide its service as efficiently as it used to be. The Company have decided to end support for security updates, issue fixes to non-security related problems or for online technical content updates. The company is discontinuing its 12 year old operating system to concentrate on maintenance of its newer versions and the core programmes.

Microsoft To End Support For 12 Year Old Windows XP Today!

Windows XP is said to be the most reliable operating system till date, and an estimate says, around 30% of computers stills runs on Windows XP. Along with the home computers, Windows XP runs almost everything from a mechanical industry, power plants, to a small CA’s office. If a computer which is 5 years old, there are many chances it’s running on XP. The users can still run Windows XP but without getting any kind of software or security related updates.

Why to upgrade: As per the CEO of Malwarebytes, Marcin Kleczynski, without patches to fix the bug, XP systems will now prone to system crashing and freezing, also non-updated security will make the system more susceptible to hackers. Also there are many factors such as Lack of ISV support, in which most of the software companies will no longer let their new software support XP. Same is the case with Hardware Manufacturers.

How to Upgrade: Microsoft is insisting its users to upgrade their systems to Windows 7 preferably Windows 8.1. Users can get more upgrade information here.