Microsoft recently acquired LiveLoop, an Office collaborator which makes it easier for users to share PowerPoint presentations online. No financial details were given out for this acquisition, but the software giant did confirm the deal via email stating that the LiveLoop team shall help build great collaboration across MS Office applications, as part of the company strategy to reinvent productivity. Apart from this, Microsoft hasn’t revealed what it intends to do with LiveLoop technology. But this trade does serves the purpose of the company to make its applications and services available on multiple devices irrespective of the OS employed.

LiveLoop’s technology converts PowerPoint presentations into URLs which can be viewed from computers and smartphones without installing any software, as per the company’s website. So rather than sharing your presentation with colleagues as an online mail attachment, users may now simply share the URL to initiate their online meeting. Everyone’s views shall be synchronised to the presenter’s slide, and the presentation may be edited/updated any time if required.

As a part of the deal, LiveLoop shall be closing its services come April 24th, and on that date all existing files and user data shall be permanently deleted, so if users would like to retrieve anything from LiveLoop, it is advised that they download all data before the deadline.

Under Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, this productivity company  acquisition is one among the many other acquisitions. Recently in December, the company acquired email app developer Acompli and last month it acquired app developed Sunrise.