Google Tone Extension For Chrome Lets You Share Links To Nearby Computers Via Sound

google tone

Google recently published an extension to Chrome called Google Tone, which lets you share you links to anyone within earshot with just a single click. So no more copy-pasting the URL to mail/text and then sending it, at least with those people who are very nearby. Google Tone puts up a button at the right of Chrome’s URL address bar, and upon clicking it, the extension emits a pleasing sound to share the link currently opened in Chrome to any nearby system which also has the Tone extension installed. Once the tone is emitted, the other party shall receive a notification with your Google Profile data and the link, and clicking this notification opens the link in a new tab.

google tone

Google Tone helps computers communicate with other neighboring computers just like we humans do. The extension employs your system’s speakers to produce a unique sound signature for other computer’s microphone to detect the URL. You need to be logged in to your Google account to use this feature, and your computer microphone shall be turned on when the extension is used so that it senses Tone broadcasts well.

google tone

The feature is not so perfect though. Pretty much like we mishear colleagues or friends, Tone does not always catch the proper sound signature (and thus the right URL) owing to mic sensitivity, volume or maybe due to the surroundings where it was generated/transmitted. Could be many factors. But this feature does address a genuinely first-world problem, and puts a great foot forward in offering a solution.

via : Venture Beat

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