Not a lot of you might have noticed that Google made a silent upgrade to its mobile application recently. The new update is minor but significant, especially for people who do not enjoy a consistent connectivity. The Google app for android can now search for your queries in offline mode. No, that does not mean the entire data of Google will be downloaded on your smartphone but it means that when there is no internet connection, the app will queue up the query and get the results and notify the user as soon as the phone gets hooked up to the internet.

Now, this might seem like a really minor update but I feel it is significant because when our initial search fails, majority of the times we forget to try it again later. This new update will minimize such scenarios where we miss out on information. You can also queue up as many queries as you want and according to Google, this wont put any extra strain on your beloved battery.


This feature has already begun rolling out to android users. If you are already using it, let us know in the comments below, if this has affected your life in any way.