Google has been granted a patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office for ad-based taxi services which shall offer people completely free rides as they head over to an advertiser’s location of business. As per this patent application, the technology employed shall let companies advertise a deal or sale, and then offer a free/discounted taxi service to people to their business location.


Heavy calculations shall pave their way into this advertising program, and customers paying more towards this Google application shall undoubtedly receive better transportation compared to someone who shells out less. To make this transportation service cost-effective to the advertiser, the calculations made shall be such that it shall even determine the travelling cost to the earnings expected from a potential customer.

Customer identification, something’s that very easy-peasy for Google, shall be done via smartphones or a user’s Google Plus profile. People who are interested in getting a free ride could view deals via phones or the stationary kiosks.

Similar to Google’s other advertising options, the advertisers here shall be bidding for customers, and the bids could be based on a customer’s buying history, among other factors. The patent states- “For example, advertisers may bid more to have customers which consistently use the transportation service to make purchases as compared to those who appear to travel without actually having made any purchases.”

While US patent office has approved the patent, no official information regarding the effective launch of this service was given out by Google. Also, there’s no guarantee that a person using this service shall definitely buy something from the advertiser. They may just use this as a convenient mode of transportation and won’t even enter the store once they exit the taxi. This is one loophole that shall be looked upon.