With the entire subject centred around Bollywood and father-son bonding, Google Search could have included a Papa Kehte Hai track as well in their latest heart-tugging ad. Just in time for Father’s Day, the new ad honours the dreams a father must have nurtured in his youth, the sacrifice he made to raise their families, and how a son sets out to fulfil that dream for his own ‘selfish’ interests.

Starring Vicky Kaushal (Masaan), the ad is an emotional tear-jerk that makes you see your old man in an entirely new light. I understand one can never thank one’s parents for everything they endure for us, but we can definitely spend time with them and create memories that can be cherished even when we’re their age.

Well, tears and all aside, I could definitely work up a road-trip with my dad, what about you?

Do you remember Google Search’s Reunion Ad that made you call all your childhood friends the very next moment? Watch the video again here.