Ford India claims to be the first Indian auto-maker with soon-to-be-launched EcoSport being the sole vehicle in its segment to equip a potentially life saving emergency assistance system when’s it up for grabs in the country. Emergency assistance is nothing but a vehicle-based free call-for-help system that functions by delivering a voice message to emergency operators indicating that the vehicle met with an accident where the airbags had been deployed or fuel pump shut off triggered, and following this opens the line for hands-free communication. This system is already present in over 5 million Ford vehicles worldwide.

ford ecosport

Launching emergency assistance marks Ford’s resolution make technology accessible to everyone, and debuting this advanced technology via SYNC (Ford’s voice-activated hands-free-in-car communications and entertainment system for mobile handsets and digital media players that allow drivers make and receive calls or play music from their other digital gadgets) in EcoSport just solidifies that resolution. Maintaining SYNC is tad easy. All user needs is a one time setup, without any additional costs or subscriptions attached with the service.