Your office may have set up some proxy settings to keep you off Facebook, but if reports are to be believed, you may be cleared to access the site even in office hours. Strictly for work-related reasons, that is.

Facebook Inc is reportedly working on a new version of its social media website for office use to compete with other major players like LinkedIn, Google Drive and Microsoft Corp, state sources with the Financial Times. Called ‘Facebook at Work’, the site shall let employers and colleagues connect with professional data and collaborate over work-related documents. Look-wise, the new site shall pretty much ape Facebook, and shall have similar features and functionalities.

The company as yet has not commented on the apparent leak, but they’ll be coming out with an official announcement soon enough. Reportedly, Facebook employees have been using ‘Facebook at Work’ site for a while, and the company has not branched out to a few outside companies for a trial run. Only time will tell if the site does stand up against LinkedIn or other competition (provided that the leak is true), but I’m looking forward to a safe-for-work Facebook that does away with all the photographs and updates I’d rather not share with my office folks.