Ericsson’s CEO On Microsoft’s Radar For The Top Job

According to Bloomberg’s report, Ericsson’s Chief Executive Officer Hans Vestberg is being considered by Microsoft as a potential successor to its outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer. Both Microsoft and Ericsson have declined to comment on Bloomberg’s report. 48 year old Hans Vestberg, a Swedish businessman, is a versatile tech savvy personality  and also the chairman of the Swedish Handball Association.

hans vestberg

Mr Vestberg’s consideration for the top job at CEO comes as a surprise to many. He was in-charge Ericsson’s exit form the joint venture with Sony in the handset business. Microsoft might consider other candidates with much more experience in consumer products if it has to rise against stiff competition form Apple and Samsung.

“I don’t think it’s very likely that they will choose Vestberg,” said Bengt Nordstrom, head of Swedish telecoms consultancy Northstream. He further said, “It’s more logical that they will find a US leader, from their network of owners, board members and experienced CEOs with a software, enterprise and media background. There’s enough with talent and experience in the US market.”

Ford Motor CEO Alan Mulally and Pivotal Inc CEO Paul Maritz, have already declined to take the job. It remains to be seen who will finally be at the helm. Microsoft’s handset business, with the acquisition of Nokia, is just blooming. They require someone who a visionary and can think on his feet. According to John Thompson, Independent Director at Microsoft, who is spearheading the search, emphasized the need for a CEO with good technology credentials and “an ability to lead a highly technical organisation and work with top technical talent.”

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  • Reily Moore says:

    WE WANT the guy who occupied microsoft and lived at work for an entire year as the next CEO

    WE WANT CREDIT for all products/projects for everyone working on them. We want the same equal credit given as those in the film industry!

    WE WANT LIVE/WORK SPACES m-f living at work with full time pay.

    WE WANT RETIREMENT for those seeking faster retirement after ten years and those seeking it after twenty. We want retirement NOW for all!

    WE WANT the illegal no-hire agreement between major tech companies to end. The agreement not to hire each other employees is illegal and has to end NOW!

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