Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Australia discovered that cool environment invigorates the growth of brown fat which burns energy to produce heat and help people to defend diabetes and obesity.

snow mountain

Atmospheric conditions persuade the growth or loss of such brown fat. It is said that hot or warm climatic conditions leads to loss of brown fat whereas it is accelerated in cool environment. Studies show that people who have abundant of such fat have low blood sugar levels.

Paul Lee, an endocrinologist stated that that an average of 30 to 40 percent of brown fat is increased during cold months.

To conduct this research, Five men had been selected and they were made to live in cold temperature regulated room, the temperature ranging from 19 to 27 degrees Celsius for four months. These men continued with their daily routine and returned each night in such temperature regulated room to stay for a minimum of ten hours. This research clearly showed that how the loss or growth of brown fat is affected by temperature.

Lee further added that this study would help in preventing as well as curing obesity and metabolic disorders in future.

This study was shown in Diabetes journal.