Adrian Wang, a psychiatrist at the Gleneagles Medical Centre at Singapore, has opined that if a person is too much addicted to smartphones and finds it impossible to part with it even for few minutes, and is prone to constantly checking it, the person may have a digital addiction which is a psychiatrist disorder, and that he/she should immediately seek professional help.

person using smartphone

A Global Information Service company further added that an average of 38 minutes per session is spent on Facebook by the Singaporeans which is nearly twice as long as Americans.

Social media and video downloading are now gaining popularity unlike earlier times when online gaming was the core addiction.

Many health problem is being faced by the people and specially by the younger generations and some physical symptoms are text neck or iNeck  pain. Mobile devices are being constantly used by people even while crossing the road, thus the neck is continuously lowered while using such devices causing severe neck pain .

Other symptoms which delineate digital addiction are anxiety, inability to focus on any other work if separated from smartphone which affects the efficiency of a person.