Yale School of Medicine, US, conducted a research to assess the differences in reaction of the brain of that of an adult and a youth in consumption of glucose drink.

eating-yogurt kid

Ania Jasterboff, an assistant professor of medicine and paediatrics at Yale school propounded that though it is not possible to exactly determine that how consumption of glucose can directly influence the behaviour of an individual, but the differences in how the youth and the adults retort to Glucose can be precisely shown.

It is said that in youth glucose helps in increasing and improving the blood flow to the regions of the brain associated with decision making and reward- motivation and in adults it decreases the blood flow to such regions. This study therefore becomes important because the individuals consume a large proportion of dietary added sugars and it is necessary to understand that how their brain reacts to such consumption of sugary drinks.

This study has been presented at the Americans Diabetes Association’s 74th Scientific Session.