Dhoom 3 has a lot more thrill packed in compared to what we earlier anticipated. As the third film in Dhoom franchise is nearing release,rumors are rife that the ‘perfectionist’ superstar Aamir Khan shall be pulling a double role in Dhoom 3. Apparently, the antagonist in the film has an ailing brother, and to look after his needs the other brother goes bad. If Aamir going bad was not enough, his double act is sure to have everyone drooling in the theaters. Better gets better.

dhoom 3 aamir khan katrina kaif

It’s been reported that the double-role twist shall be revealed only during the film’s end, and that it was Aditya Chopra’s brainchild to include this subplot in the script. Anyways, there’s no official confirmation to this story, and for all we know, this could just be another speculation that triggered free media-driven publicity to D3.