While women’s safety in the country continues to be a topic of debate, a few people out there are showing their support by mocking the various opinionators who directly blame the victim in the sexual assault. All India Backchod’s slap-in-the-face satire ‘It’s Your Fault‘ went viral on YouTube soon after its launch on 19th September, garnering over 1,055,800 views and 5000+ comments. It has been well received by the audience, and in order to further spread the message, its makers have decided to dub the video in Hindi. They may dabble in other languages too.

all india bakchod its your fault kalki koechlin

The video featuring Kalki Koechlin and VJ Juhi Pandey gives out the several reasons that trigger rape (as believed to be by prominent personalities)- mobile phones, a girl’s dress and of course, chowmein. This is what Kalki had to say about the issue-  “We were worried about people not understanding the sarcasm. It’s a sensitive topic and we were anxious that it might backfire. Humour is a fantastic way to deal with a serious subject. You are making people uncomfortable, but at the same time you are not preaching or forcing views down their throat.” She also added that the videos were not meant to offend anyone. The video takes a dig at policemen, media personalities, spiritual leaders and great political leaders.

If you haven’t already, watch the concerned video here: