Multi-messaging platform WhatsApp, which allows its users to chat and share multimedia, has now crossed 500 Million active users worldwide. The company, which had a massive 19$ Billion takeover by Facebook this year showed steep growth since then.  The instant messenger’s user base increased by almost 250% in less than a year  i.e from 200 Million users in August last year to a massive 500 Million in April this year. The company claims to process more than 50 Billion messages, which includes 700 Million Photos and 100 Million Videos per day.


Now when it comes to India, it remains the fastest growing markets having 48 Million active users. According to a statement from Neeraj Arora, WhatsApp is adding 4 Million new users every month in India. And if this rate continued, the company will cross 50 million mark in the coming May, and will constitute almost 10% of the global users.

After the deal between Facebook and WhatsApp, it was rumored that WhatsApp will no longer be an ad-free messaging service. Which then crystallized by the company’s co-founder Jan Kuom stating – ‘WhatsApp will always be autonomous, and will operate independently. No matter where its users are, they can always use this ad-free service with a nominal charge.’