UPA Government has found itself in soup more often than not. After all it is a coalition Government. May be to run a chariot having so many wheels, all trying to take it in a direction of itself has cost them dearly. They have always been indecisive and when reforms were underway some ally would carry non cooperative act to stall the progress. It has been the story so far, latest example being NCP led by Sharad Pawar boycotting UPA meets. The reason as told to media – party is striving to obtain its well deserved no. 2 position in centre. Some speculating that no.2 saga was just a cover up act for some tiff in Maharashtra against CM Prithviraj Chavan. Well everything has
been solved amicably (as always) and NCP has reaffirmed its support for UPA.

 UPA – A Struggle Within

The story has been gloomy so far for UPA with many glitches for example- Corruption, Black money issue, inflation, FDI in retail, food security bill etc. which has cost them some precious time to implement the schemes, sometimes unsuccessfully, as well as has given many sleepless nights to PR machinery of the Congress. TMC led by Mamata Banerjee has been tough partner to please for UPA,
having opposed virtually every reforms proposed by the government. Some elements outside the Government have also led pressure on UPA, Mulayam and Karunanidhi on domestic issues of their own states.

Though Dr. Manmohan Singh may appear calm from outside, the economist inside him must be worried. Sonia Gandhi has been doling out populist schemes at cost of reforms but anti- incumbency factor is against UPA. Having some ex-ministers in jail is also not the fact to be proud about. Also Digvijay Singh being the loose cannon is not helping them.

The role of Rahul Gandhi in future, still uncertain, is also factor that can be pivotal for next elections. He has been in action but has proved ineffective in various state elections. But till then there is little hope for Manmohan Singh, he knows it is his last chance to put some amends in place or otherwise it would be too late for them. The path ahead would be difficult but still UPA have some hope in the form of time remaining for next polls. With finance ministry now under Manmohan Singh’s belt, we can expect some reforms like FDI in retail, reduce subsidy in oil and Urea to please the corporate sector which have been worried over policy paralysis of the government.

These reforms may be the need of the day, but insufficient monsoon may spill the beans on whole plans. Also allies in UPA would not let these policies to pass smoothly. All Manmohan Singh can do is to balance between reforms and subsidies and hope his efforts bear fruit for the Congress in next elections. But till then Manmohan Singh have some really tough days in the office.