UN’s answer that could fight worldwide hunger might just be crawling by your bed- edible, nutritious insects! The Food and Agriculture Organization asserted in a 200-page report at UN agency’s Rome headquarters that insects such as grasshoppers, ants, crickets and certain beetles form an underused food category for people, livestock & pets- a category that’s already being devoured by nearly 2-billion people across the globe. Certain insects are even rich in copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, selenium and zinc, in addition to being a source of fiber.


Not only do these insects fight hunger, but they also meet our nutritional needs and have huge environmental benefits as they reduce pollution (as they generate fewer greenhouse gases and even feed on human/food waste). The agency’s Edible Insect Program is analyzing the possibility of including arachnids (such as spiders and scorpions) in our meal, though they are not ‘actually’ insects. And as far as your taste buds are concerned, the report does mention some South African caterpillars and Southeast Asian weaver ant eggs as delicacies that come at a high price.