As announced by British PM David Cameron during his recent visit to India, a first of its kind ‘super-priority’ same-day-visa service has been rolled out by Britain for Indians, making it the first country ever to be enjoying this privilege of getting a UK visa within 24 hours. Encouraging international business and investment in Britain, the visa costs Rs 50,000/- (£600) more than the normal visa and at present is available only in Mumbai and Delhi.

The service will be available to people applying for a six-month or two-year multiple entry visitor visa (excluding student visit visas) and have commuted without any difficulty in the past five years to one of the following places- UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or a Schengen country. Employees of a company that enjoys membership of Business Express Programme (managed by UK Trade and Investment in India) and travelling as an official business visitor may also apply.