TRAI has completed over 90 percent of the tasks related to the digitisation of TV sets in Mysore, but in Bangalore the work status stands at 80%. So January 31 has been fixed as the final deadline, and if the customer application form (CAF) isn’t received, then the subscribers shall face a cable TV black-out. Dr Sibichen K Matthew, adviser, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), said- “If CAF is not received from the subscriber and is not entered in the system by that date, multi-system operators will be directed to switch off the signals to such customers.” In their defense, city customers stated that they were unaware of CAF and with the current package models, they were wondering how to submit their forms in the coming 2 weeks when they haven’t even received them yet.

cable tv digitization set top box

Mathew revealed that they’ve instructed cable operators of uniform and transparent billing, and the bills should detail the charges for subscribed channels, set top box and taxes from March 1, 2014.

A common complaint regarding set top box (STB) is that it is non-transferable. Mathew advised that the cable operators should offer STB as outright purchase, rental and hire purchase. Once the STB is returned in good condition, they can revert back the security deposit. For people shifting houses, the operators can offer a transfer voucher. TRAI even added that at least a one year warranty should be given for STBs, as currently no receipt is given for its purchase.