1921 – Sino-Indian War Hero Subhedar Joginder Singh Sahnan was born. He was enrollled in the 1 Sikh Regiment in 1936. Under the commandership of Subhedar Joginder Singh, a Sikh Regiment platoon was holding a defensive position in the Tongpeng La arae on the Bum La axis in Tawang sector of the North East Frontier Agency. On 23 October 1962, the Chinese that had concenterated beyond the MacMohan Line attacked the Bum La axis. The Chinese battalion attacked in three waves. Subhedar Joginder Singh and his platoon successfully thwarted the first attack. They also held ground against the second attack but had lost some of their men in the this encounter. During the third Chinese wave, Subhedar Joginder Singh and his men were out of ammunition so they fixed bayonets to their guns and bayoneted a number of Chinese before being overpowered. Subhedar Joginder Singh embraced martyrdom in Chinese custody as a PoW. He was awarded the Param Vir Chakra, the highest wartime gallantry medal, posthumously.

Dev Anand the evergreen star, an Indian legend

1923 – Eminent Actor, Director, Producer and Writer, regarded as the ‘Evergreen Hero of Indian Cinema’ Dharam Dev Pishorimal Anand better known as Dev Anand or ‘Dev Saab’ was born. In a career spanning over seven decades, Dev Saab acted in 114 films including 104 films as the lead. He made his debut with Prabhat Films’ ‘Hum ek Hain'(1946). He emerged as ‘Romance Hero’ and acted in several successful films like ‘Manzil’, ‘Tere Ghar Ke Saamne’, ‘Kinaare Kinaare’, ‘Maya’, ‘Teen Deviyaan’ etc. The 1965 release ‘Guide’ co-starring Waheeda Rahman was highly acclaimed.

1925 – Pandit Ramprasad Bismil, one of the architects of the Kakori Conspiracy was arrested at Saharanpur for his involovement in the raid.

Dr. Manmohan Singh Prime minister of India

1932- Dr. Manmohan Singh, the 13th Prime Minister Of India, was born in Gah (now in Pakistan). He’s the first Sikh to honor the position, and is only next to Jawaharlal Nehru to enjoy the power after completing a full five-year term. He acquired his doctorate in economics from Oxford, and worked for the UN during 1966-69. His rise to bureaucracy started when Lalit Narayan Mishra employed him as an advisor in Ministry of Foreign Trade. Over the next two decades, Singh enjoyed many celebrated positions in the Government of India, like Chief Economic Advisor (from 1972–76), Reserve Bank Governor (from 1982–85) and Planning Commission head (from 1985–87).In 1991, when India was clutched with a major economic crisis, the then Prime Minister Prime Minister P. V. Narasimha Rao appointed Singh as the Finance Minister, and it’s here that he made several structural improvements that liberalized Indian Economy.

1943 – Member of the Bronze Medal winning Field Hockey Team at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics and 1972 Munich Olympics and Arjuna awardee, Krishnamurthy Perumal was born. He is now associated with the Tamil Nadu Hockey Association as its President. In 1971, he was conferred the Arjuna Award for outstanding achievement in Hockey.