On 2nd June 1756, the Last Nawab Of Bengal, Bihar and Odisha- Siraj-Ud-Daulah- fought back and invaded Fort William in Kolkata from the British. The end of his reign marked the dawn of the British East India Company.

This day in 1975 marked the inauguration of India’s First Sponge Iron project at Vijaywada.

This day in 1988, Showman Raj Kapoor passed away. His performance in ‘Awara’ is featured among the top ten performances of all-time, ranked by TIME magazine. ‘Awara’(1951) is also one of the 100 greatest movies acknowledged by TIME. The song ‘Awara Hoon’ was hailed a chart buster not only in the Indian sub continent but also in the then existing Soviet Union, China, Turkey, Afghanistan and Romania.

Raj Kapoor