internet 30th birthday

The revolutionary yet inexpensive Internet blows off 30 lighted candles off its cake today! The first waves of this technological innovation were felt on 1st January 1983 when it totally replaced the earlier networking systems. Popularized as ‘flag lady’, it was the very first time when the US Department of Defense (DoD)-warranted Arpanet network entirely swapped to use the IPS (Internet Protocol Suite) communication system replacing the Network Control Program (NCP). Based on Donald Davies’ designs, the Arpanet network started as a military project in late 1960s, and was developed at prestigious American Universities and research institutes including the likes of University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and Stanford Research Institute. Starting 1973, the work commenced for a robust yet flexible IPS and Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) technology, and by 1983 the new Internet protocol was developed and the Internet was born that employed data ‘packet-switching’ to link computers. British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee then hosted the system of interlinked hypertext documents he came up with in 1989, popularly termed as the World Wide Web.