Indian Registry for Internet Names and Numbers (IRINN) has commenced issuing the next version of Internet addresses “IPv6”, making identification of every individual Internet user easier for the security agencies, stated APNIC Director (Services and Operations) Sanjaya. APNIC is one of the five authorized body for issuing Internet addresses, and it has acknowledged IRINN for issuing IP addresses in India. Theoretically, a 128-bit IPv6 platform can easily store up a massive 340 duodecillion IP-addresses. The present Internet Protocol version – IPv4- supports limited internet addresses and often service providers allot just a single IP address to many subscribers, making it extremely laborious to identify the end user.

ipv6 india

The IPv6 addresses are being issued at less than 60% of the existing rates in the progressing launch period, to test the compatibility of hardware and softwares that have to be placed. National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) Chief Executive Govind stated that the industrial grade of IPv6 will be launched shortly in a couple of months. The IRINN has been setup under a state-run NIXI. The initial set of IPv6 addresses shall be bracketed in the price range of INR 21,999/- compared to the current INR 66,000/- for Asia Pacific Region.

Now government will have to ensure that the new equipments and devices that shall be produced or imported to India are IPv6-enabled, so that the security issues may be properly addressed. So far, there’s no import-restriction on devices that do not adhere to IPv6 standards.