One of the most sought after Nokia baby- the Nokia Lumia 920- shall be crying its first cry around 14th January in India, with a Nokia Priority retailer at South Delhi claiming that the pre-booked gadget could be availed by customers by January 14. And its younger brother- Nokia Lumia 820-will follow soon by January 15th. While the Lumia 920 shall be cradled in the price range of INR 38,000/- to 40,000/- (at Singapore it’s priced at SGD 899), the Lumia 820 shall rock at INR 25,000/- to 28,000/- (SGD 699). The priority dealers shall get their demo devices by January 3. There was even a ‘Coming Soon’ stated at the company’s official website, but Nokia India denied taking any pre-orders presently. The retailer may be offering pre-bookings on his own in a case. But retailers at Mumbai too share an identical statement.

nokia lumia 920

Earlier reports claimed that the Indian Lumia 920 shall support nine 4G bands, and is pentaband WCDMA. Covered in a polycarbonate body, the gadget packs a Snapdragon S4 processor. It even has a Blink app, the handset’s Burst mode. Also its latest PureView camera captures 5x more light compared to its peers, without flash, even indoors. With built-in power charging, its quite simple to have its battery pumped up throughout the day. On the other hand, the Lumia 820 offers exchangeable covers among a wide spectrum of colors. With wireless charging included in this smartphone too, the phone packs a sensitive touchscreen and Nokia ClearBlack display technology.

nokia lumia 820

Both Lumian beauties bring along happiness of Nokia navigation applications- including Nokia City Lens and Nokia Music that streams unlimited music straight to the phone.