Films produced in Indian film industry this year have made a mark in the hearts of audiences. Especially with churn-outs like Paan Singh Tomar, Kahaani and Gangs of Wasseypur, cinema this year has made a lot heads turn and acknowledge the very art of film making. For the first time ever, so many films were produced having rich content, praised by critics and hailed by public as well. These changing scenes have encouraged many production houses to stray away from the typical potboilers and try a new genre of films. The results are fascinating especially for people craving to taste a new variety of films.

Intelligent Indian cinema, Bollywood

Bollywood, as Hindi film Industry is fondly called, has always been accused for making same kind of cinema over the decades. Now, these young crops of film makers have turned it on and intelligent cinema, which always was gasping for space in traditional market has occupied some ground in the market. But, how does this happen? Was it a sudden change? The answer is certainly negative. With more and more people been exposed to internet, they have come across films from various genres across the world, and certainly their tastes have diversified. People directing these films have grown watching world cinema and they are exploring films which are global in content and have mass appeal in India. The future of such films is bright and they are steadily making mark on box office. Not only Hindi films, regional films like Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam films have been regularly making marks on national and various international film festivals. Not only they are getting applauds, but are proving to be commercially successful as well. As the audiences are maturing, the content is also maturing and films are being lauded not just in India but at world stage also. They are actually giving edge to India, as they are seen as Indian import to various countries and have taken India to be the leading soft power in the world.

We are producing more actors than stars for the first time and even the so called stars are also open to experimenting with their films. But still lot has to change. Some films, called as masala flicks, truly made for commercial purpose are still grabbing eyeballs. These films are shallow in content and work mainly because certain ‘star’ is starring (not acting) in them. But, we Indians take our films seriously, though the films are not serious, they are major force that unites the people. And some one said famously ‘films are the reflection of society’, true but this reflection is getting more global along with the society. Sadly, it is happening at slow pace in India, but scenes are surely changing. But these films have brought smile on many film buffs in the country, which boasts of having largest film industry in world.