TATA Motors launched a new and improved version of its earlier model Indica Vista, TATA Vista Tech. As the name suggests the new TATA Vista Tech is high on technology fitted with cutting edge equipments.

It comes with multitude features like Advanced Driver information system, touchscreen Multimedia system with GPS Navigation, New Drive pro console, Blue-5 Technology, steering wheel mounted, new Front Duo-float suspension controls and more such best-in-class features. With features like these, TATA Vista Tech is one of the most ‘Worth The Buck’ car in the hatchback segment!


Mr. Karl Slym, Managing Director, Tata Motors, said, “While the Indian automobile market has become intensely competitive, our goal is to enhance our market leadership in commercial vehicles and move to a strong podium finish in the passenger vehicle market. Horizonext is the next step in line with the company’s mission to be passionate in anticipating and providing the best vehicles and experiences that excite our customers globally. We are igniting that passion — so that customers are central to us, in what we are offering in our products, in the manner we are engaging with them at our dealerships, and in the processes we have adopted in servicing their vehicles.”

As a promotion strategy, TATA Motors has also introduced a limited edition model of TATA Vista VX Tech. This limited edition model will have steering controlled features like 6.5 inches TFT touchscreen based multimedia system designed for audio, video, USB, Bluetooth and AUX-In. It also comes with q Drive Pro Console, advanced driver information system and advanced GPS navigation system. The tachometer has a sporty look with a red line sweeping across its face.