SONY Corp. is reportedly developing a smartwatch made out of electronic paper, set to release in 2015. This is Sony’s venture-styled approach as the company’s TV and mobile segments are returning negligible profits, and the epaper smartwatch is the first product to test this speculative approach. Sources shared the e-Paper Watch report first with Bloomberg, but preferred to stay anonymous as the company is not ready to announce the wearable just yet. The watch shall be highly stylized, and when function gets in conflict with fashion, the former shall be compromised for the latter. If this wearable is indeed announced, Sony’s e-paper watch won’t be directly contesting with Apple Watch or Samsung Gear wearables. The paper design, nevertheless, shall open up a host of avenues for the smartwatch to delve into. The wraparound design of the e-paper watch could employ its entire surface as a display area (which could even change its appearance), and it could transmit more than just basic text alerts, like low-end smartwatches build around low-count LED displays. The watch’s face and wristband shall be made from a patented material to achieve these features.

Sony’s new approach is a result of the rough phase the company’s been going through. While its PlayStation unit is definitely flourishing, the TV and mobile divisions are barely surviving. Hiroki Totoki, president and CEO of Sony’s Mobile division, reecntly notified investors that the company is not seeking a larger market share, but instead aiming to improve its profits.

And while the company’s expectations with the e-paper smartwatch are really high, nothing can be said for sure until the results start to appear.

Image source : Japan Times