P. Muthukaruppan, a teacher with Government Primary School at Chinna Kalapet has developed a software Iniya Tamil with phonetic keyboard to aid user who aren’t familiar with Tamil language to type their opinions and thoughts as fast as expert typists. The special typing software with different user interface consists of keyboard drivers, on-screen keyboards for Unicode, TACE 16 and TAB font encodings which incorporates phonetic keyboard and Tamil99 drivers. Mr. Muthukaruppan stated that the unicode-compatible Tamil fonts shall make it simpler for the common man to access Tamil data on websites and share information without facing any font compatibility issues. The site www.iniyatamil.com offers the phonetic software driver for TACE 16 and TAM fonts as free downloads.

He further added that it enabled user-defined hot-keys to switch between English and Tamil, and also auto-correct for the less experienced users to help maximise their output. The phonetic keyboard helps the non-Tamil users to type the words in English, which shall then be converted to Tamil.

The software launched May 2014 also includes a converter Maatri which converts among different font encodings like Unicode, TACE16, TAB, TAM, TSCII and Bamini. On-screen keyboard offers easy access. Also included is a tool for converting numbers to words, which lets users convert numbers up to nineteen digits.

Via : Hindu