According to a study conducted by the experts from the University of Copenhagen, consuming Broccoli and Garlic helps improve the immune system of an individual’s body and prevent various kinds of cancers such as melanoma, prostate cancer etc. This is because there is a compound known as selenium which is widely found in broccoli and garlic.

Due to cancers the immune system of the body gets over operational. It may sometimes become fatal too. The selenium helps to regulate such over operational immune system. Garlic contains sulphur compounds that help improve the immune system to fight back various diseases, whereas broccoli is rich in phytochemicals that helps purify enzymes of an individual’s body. Although there is no exact evidence as to how much of these vegetables should be consumed, it is recommended that one should make it a point to include lots of  broccoli in their diet.

This study has been published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry.