Making Science_IndianNerve 

If you are you a kid and you love science, google just gave you the best nerd gift of all times- The Science Journal mobile app. It’s a brand new mobile app which lets you observe, record and analyse data from all the possible sensors of your smartphone. Yes you read that right, you can now measure/record the amount of light reaching the ambient light sensor, intensity of sound reaching your microphone, acceleration of the phone in all the three dimensions . Not only that you can create small projects, take notes and add photos while the data is being recorded.The data that you record over a time can also be plotted over a two dimensional graph for analysis. Sounds so awesome right.?



Science Journal app is part of google’s Making and Science initiative, which aims at creating more inventors and scientists from the most enthusiastic group of humans on this planet – The Children. This is such a wonderful time for being a child interested in science . So if you are a scientist in making, what are you waiting for, go download the app from the playstore and start your blue sky experiments and while you are in the process of becoming the next Einstein, let us know in the comments below of how you are making use of this nerd gift from google.